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Workplace Showers for Commercial Washroom Design.

Only a few years ago, the concept of incorporating showers into an overall workplace design might have been considered somewhat extravagant.

Jump to the current climate, and a vast number of millennials feel that the presence of shower facilities is a leading factor when considering job opportunities.

Washroom facilities comprise a small portion of a larger comprehensive shift towards workplace wellbeing. Organisations are thriving to create inclusive and exciting work environments for their employers. These adjustments deliver improved staff retention, boosted morale and greater productivity amongst employees.

Finding time to incorporate an exercise regime into a busy schedule can be challenging for employees, so active travel has become a more attractive proposition. The modern workforce seeks greater freedom to fit their career around their hobbies and aspirations – not the other way around. This marks a key reason for choosing to incorporate workplace showers.

Forward-thinking organisations encourage activity amongst employees. This might involve walking or running to work; or using a local gym pre-work or during a lunchtime break. With the comfort of knowing that they can conveniently freshen up, employees are far more likely to adopt a new wellbeing regime.

As an incentive for promoting a team-oriented culture, further companies promote in-house team sports that allow colleagues to train together before or after work. Quality shower facilities within your workspace are vital to encourage employees to participate in such activities.

Shower facilities are also statistically proven to improve productivity. A recent study by a leading research organisation found that employees who take lunchtime showers are up to 42% more productive.

Maxwood Washrooms undertook a washroom overhaul as part of a comprehensive refurbishment on London’s Gresham Street. With 180,000 sq. ft of office space, the client was keen to prioritise the health and wellbeing of employees. To accommodate this requirement, the building boasts club style superior amenities and 280 bicycle spaces to coincide with a new cyclised London.

Shower facilities were a necessity, so we installed 28 showers, lockers and Brompton bike lockers for cyclists. Our premium Marante Cubicle system appeals to the understated elegance of the building while the minimalistic Mylo cubicle system provides a durable shower space for cyclists. Continuing with the Nevada Oak finish that was used throughout, we added bespoke island vanity units for an extra touch of luxury.

Large-scale buildings that house large quantities of employers are amongst the forerunners for accommodating active lifestyles. London-based organisations are particularly adaptable given the costs associated with driving a vehicle in a bustling city. Employees that are provided with suitable workplace facilities are provided with opportunities to substantially reduce their living costs whilst maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

Citypoint is a 37-storey skyscraper located in the heart of Central London. Whilst convenient for commuters with neighbouring Moorgate Station, the facilitation of 424 cycle bays, 253 lockers and 40 showers continue the theme of encouraging active lifestyles.

With an opportunity to add a touch of glamour to the washroom facilities, Maxwood opted for a Marante Cubicle System in White Matte Laminate, Mylo shower cubicles, and Opex shower seating. We further installed the Xeista Vanity Trough in Corian and a highly robust Omega 2 tier locker; ideal for storing activewear and personal belongings.

It is often the small touches that make the most difference, so the addition of Opex Benching added the perfect finishing touch as an end-of-trip facility.

There are certain organisations that like to go a step further by providing the ultimate in comfort for their valued employees.

Our washroom project at London’s Whitechapel Building was set to complement a light filled atrium (also known as a living room) to promote a flexible place of work. Divided social areas feature unique atmospheres for occupants and members of the public to work, relax and socialise.

The client prioritised the wellbeing of staff, with encouragement to cycle to work and utilise the provided facilities. Of course, we had to ensure that our washroom offering was in keeping with the rest of the building, so we installed 187 showers and 20 showers to support their plight.

Our solid laminate, Mylo shower cubicle in Earl, and Maxwall WC duct panels in Laminate Folkestone provides the clean-lines and necessary elegance required for a building of such stature. We added Xeista vanity tops in Mosa Tile in white to retain a unique and contemporary feel.

For a touch of comfort, our Oracle-Z lockers with Bespoke Solid Wood Benching are the perfect addition, and our striking Prism Mirror Units reflect the aesthetic and functional needs of any modern commercial washroom.

The modern commercial washroom surpasses functionality alone. As workforces evolve to require greater flexibility and freedom, organisations must remain intuitive to their needs.

The office paradigm has changed. Showers have now become an integral aspect of washroom design. By choosing to support and encourage employee wellbeing, you will be rewarded with improved productivity and happier workers.

If you are interested in discussing designs relating to commercial shower cubicles, vanities or lockers, please get in touch with a member of the Maxwood team.

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