Movana Cubicle 

World's First 8 Second Outward Access Full Height Washroom Cubicle 

Movana is an inward opening door with 8 second outward emergency access.


Through coin, credit card or access card, occupants can be easily and quickly freed, without need for sacrificial access…genuinely an industry first.

Document M 5.4(e) "WC compartment doors & doors to wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets, changing rooms or shower rooms have an emergency release mechanism so that they are capable of being opened outwards, from the outside, in case of emergency”

8 Second Access

World's First 8 second Emergency Access Cubicle Door​


Inward opening for everyday, outward opening in an emergency

Design Led

Sleek, beautiful design, with no compromise on aesthetics


The only aesthetically pleasing Doc-M compliant door

Outward Emergency Access

Movana is the first design-led washroom cubicle with safety at the forefront

Did you know? In the UK there is a heart attack and stroke every five minutes.

In any emergency situation, it is critical to respond fast and avoid further injury to the patient.

Movana is the first full fronted door that grants outward emergency access in 8 seconds.

When you specify Movana in your projects, you can rest assured that you’ve taken your responsibility and compliance to the end user seriously.

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LED Light

With LED occupancy and full height door, Movana doesn’t just take the lead on safety, it also offers a stunning full fronted finish that will look at home in any luxury washroom.

How Movana works:

In an emergency, a coin, credit card or access card slots into the occupancy indicator.

 This twists it anti-clockwise out of the door, to release a cord that disengages the door stop.

This allows the door to swing outwardly open.


All within 8 seconds.

Watch Movana in action

No need for heavy lifting or tools

No sacrificial access or damage to the door



The first design-led Doc-M compliant door

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