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A  heart attack happens every 5 minutes.  A fast response is the difference between life and death.


Movana is the only full height cubicle door that opens outwards in an emergency 

The moral and legal obligation to keep people safe in buildings is the responsibility of the entire design and construction chain.

In any emergency situation, it is critical to respond fast and avoid further injury to the patient.​​

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Ensure compliance with Building Regulations

Document M 5.4(e)


"WC compartment doors & doors to wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets, changing rooms or shower rooms have an emergency release mechanism so that they are capable of being opened outwards, from the outside, in case of emergency”.

But I already use 'Emergency Release Locks' 

Standard cubicle locks simply allow you to release the lock from outside the cubicle and push the door inwards.

Building regulations specifically state that every WC compartment door needs to be able to be opened outwards in emergency.

Why have other doors been allowed on the market?

Other cubicles have worked around the building regulations by providing emergency access that involves either lifting or breaking the door. However, this will create a life-threatening delay in responding to an emergency.

8 second outward access

​No need for heavy lifting or tools

No sacrificial access or damage to the door


The first design-led Doc-M compliant door

PPJ 7005 4 Pancras Square (74)_JBedit.jpg

With LED occupancy and full height door, Movana doesn’t just take the lead on safety, it also offers a stunning full fronted finish that will look at home in any luxury washroom.

8 Second Access

World's First 8 second Emergency Access Cubicle Door​


Inward opening for everyday, outward opening in an emergency

Design Led

Sleek, beautiful design, with no compromise on aesthetics


The only aesthetically pleasing Doc-M compliant door

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