Superloo Cubicle

The Superloo is a stylish solution for compact or unisex washroom spaces.

This all-in-one solution contains a toilet, vanity unit, mirror and cubicle door



The superloo is a space-saving single unit, complete with a toilet pan and washbasin for use by either gender. Maximising limited interior space, it is the ideal option when a stylish, compact solution is required, whilst also catering to the ever-increasing demand for greater privacy in the washroom.

Our superloos are most often built according to individual project designs but they will always include the below:

  • Maxwall WC duct panel unit

  • Xeista vanity unit, with or without panels beneath and often including an integral bin

  • Prism stand-out mirror unit

  • Maranté cubicle door and pilasters for flush-fronted effect.