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The Superloo is an all-in-one solution with a toilet, vanity unit, mirror and cubicle door. Practical and stylish for compact or unisex washroom spaces.

The Superloo is a space-saving single unit, complete with a toilet pan and washbasin for use by either gender.


Maximising limited interior space, it is the ideal option when a stylish, compact solution is required, whilst also catering to the ever-increasing demand for greater privacy in the washroom.

GRAFTON ST W1S 7QP _HR58333.jpg




Superloos are a great way to maximise the available floor space. Without the need for separate gendered bathrooms, more room is available for any other office needs, giving your work environment a spacious, welcoming feel.

Superloos offer a more hygienic alternative to traditional bathrooms, allowing staff the privacy of their own separate cubicles as opposed to a shared washroom.


Our Superloos have their own toilet, sink, Prism mirror unit, hand-dryer and bin, promoting a sense of cleanliness in staff washrooms and reducing germ transmission.


Our Superloos can be customised to fit the needs and existing design of your office, the perfect all-in-one addition to your post-Covid workplace. 

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