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Prism Mirror Unit

Our Prism Mirror Units offer a unique blend of multifunctional design, concealed storage, and sleek styling, perfect for modern washroom environments. With hinged mirrored panels maximizing wall space and providing convenient storage for essentials, our units bring both practicality and sophistication to any space. 

Combining contemporary styling with convenient storage

An innovative mix of multifunctional design, concealed storage and sleek styling, the Prism Mirror Box System reflects the aesthetic and functional needs of modern commercial washrooms. The hinged mirrored panels maximise wall space and provide convenient storage for paper towels and soap dispensers. Gas strut hinges enable effortless access, while the minimalist mirror panel design complements the contemporary styling of today’s washroom interiors.

  • Multi-functional design offers convenient storage

  • Utilises wall space, with optional interior shelving

  • Gas struts provided as standard on hinged mirrors – option for doors to be hinged at top

  • Sprung lock prevents accidental opening

  • Option to insert soap dispenser, and/or paper towel dispenser, and/or hand dryer

  • Minimalist design with optional metal or LED lighting surrounds

  • Symbols or text can be engraved on back of mirror

Other bespoke adaptations include but are not limited to:

  • Circular or lozenge shapes

  • Bespoke or standard metal mirror trims

  • Veneer side panels

  • Tap access opening, for wall mounted tap access

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