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Maxwall Duct Panelling

Our duct panelling system has earned a well- deserved reputation for its remarkable design and functionality, making it the go-to choice for architects, designers, and facility managers alike. ​

Maxwall Ducting is supplied to site ready to be installed, with factory hung panels and pre-laminated shadows.


This allows rapid installation, perfect panel alignment and eliminates all on-site laminating.

Options include:

  • No on-site laminating – all components factory bonded.

  • Made to measure but still factory assembled, using modular frames.

  • Sanitaryware support rails are factory fitted where required.

  • Lockable panels.

  • Hinged panel for quick access to service duct.


Why Maxwall Is The Smart Solution

With its superior convenience and efficiency, Maxwall Ducting is the ultimate solution for your washroom installation needs. Designed for a seamless installation process, Maxwall Ducting is supplied to your site fully prepared. This innovative approach ensures swift and effortless installation, achieving impeccable panel alignment while eliminating the need for on-site laminating.

Our range of options provides even greater flexibility and customisation. Whether you require customised sizes, configurations, or additional features, Maxwood has you covered. Our extensive range of options allows for seamless integration with existing layouts.


With Maxwood's duct panelling, you can trust that your
commercial washroom project will be equipped with a solution that perfectly matches your requirements, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


  • Glass – Back-painted, inter-layered, etched.

  • Laminate – High pressure laminate or compact, in eggshell, supermatt or gloss.

  • Corian & other acrylics

  • Real wood veneers

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coloured stainless steel

  • Tiled and stone finishes


Elevate Your Washroom Design

The wide array of finish options available for Maxwall Duct Panelling makes it an incredibly versatile choice for any desired aesthetic.

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional
and warm ambience, Maxwood has the perfect solution.


With such a diverse range of finish options, Maxwood Duct Panelling ensures that you can achieve
the desired aesthetic for your commercial washroom project, elevating both style and functionality.

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