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Ilona Rose House

ARCHITECT: Matt Architecture


Ilona Rose House with its unusual rose-coloured 3D printed façade is a new-build, mixed-use project spread over 13 floors, including a 4-storey basement with a quarter of natural light. The all-new 300,000 sq. ft office-led development certainly stands out from the usual London architecture.

Ilona Rose House has achieved a BREAM Excellent rating and is an impressively intricate building to look at. A building of this status required impressive washrooms to complement its design.

Maxwood Washrooms, worked in close collaboration with Westminster City Council to ensure the washrooms adhered to the green credentials of the project whilst maintaining the required degree of architectural quality. Through this collaboration, we were able to create both impressive and highly functional washrooms which carried the innovative design identity of Ilona Rose House across 6 floors.

“The Ilona Rose House was a pleasure to work on for Faithdean, and the end result showcases the works that Maxwood are capable of in enhancing washroom experiences for the end user. This project in particular was straightforward with 6 floors of repeat washrooms, a shower and changing area with some additional rooms such as DDAs and gender-neutral WCs. It has been a joy to watch all elements of these areas come together and create an aesthetically pleasing washroom experience.” ~ Lee Redpath, Project Manager

·       Mystiq Shower Cubicles for the elegant in-line look

·       Adaptable and chic, Marante WC cubicles for minimal washroom styling at its best

·       Exterior of Doors and Pilasters in a timeless Graphite Grey HPL

·       Vicenza Oak Interiors on Doors and Divisions to create a natural finish

·       Xeista Cascade Vanity Unit in a luxury look Corian Neutral Concrete

·       Prism Mirror Unit bounce light around the room, making the space feel open

·       Hidden LED Lighting highlights sleek Battened out mirrors

·       Omega Lockers provide a robust and flexible storage solution

·       Opex Benching combines both comfort and performance with high durability

·       Oris Towel Station, Oventus Drying Cupboards and Odessa Ironing Station allow for a comfortable and convenient user experience

·       Reeded glass panels and urinal dividers for privacy and space optimisation

·       HPL Maxwall Duct Panelling in Vicenza Oak matches doors and dividers to create a seamless finish

·       SGL Maxwall Duct Panelling contribute to the overall look and feel for your space

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