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The importance of choosing the right facilities in creating a workplace wellness programme.

When an individual spends the majority of their time at work, their workplace can have an effect on their wellbeing, including their physical and mental health. It is essential that a work environment is healthy and safe for all employees - meaning that, at the most basic level, the workplace must be clean, well-lit, spacious and have adequate welfare facilities (washrooms, drinking water and a place to eat meals).

The success of a workplace can also be measured in terms of staff productivity, presenteeism, individual employee health and participation in workplace health and wellbeing interventions. In particular, there is a strong correlation between an employee’s physical and mental health and their productivity at work.

To put it simply, when an employee is facing wellbeing issues outside of the office, it affects their overall job performance.

Companies are beginning to recognise that poor staff wellbeing leads to both economic and productivity losses. A survey from the Global Wellness Institute states that 70-80% of companies in the US believe that wellness programmes improve staff productivity and reduce absenteeism. Addressing employee social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace is a great way to create a positive, healthy work environment where staff can thrive. Adapting the workplace, to make room for wellness programmes and facilities, can help improve both the employee’s individual lifestyle and their work performance.

What are the right facilities for creating a workplace wellness programme?

A study surveying over 2000 participants revealed that 64% of office workers believe that workplace washrooms affect overall job satisfaction. Offering high-quality washrooms in the workplace is a simple yet effective way to boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing. It is essential that both hygiene and personal comfort are considered when designing an office washroom.

For employees wishing to make lifestyle changes, such as exercising more regularly and walking or cycling to work, offering improved washroom facilities and staff changing rooms can be both encouraging and helpful. To accommodate these changes, it’s important that staff have a place to wash, change and store their workout gear.

One way to improve office washroom facilities and maximise available floor space is to install Superloos. Superloos are a stylish alternative to traditional washroom design - a single unit containing a toilet, sink, vanity unit, mirror, bin and cubicle door. Reducing queues and offering staff greater privacy than a shared bathroom, Superloos can help staff feel more comfortable when arriving at work after their new commute.

Another way to accommodate for workplace wellness initiatives and those opting to walk or cycle to work is to offer staff changing rooms. When considering your office changing room design, showers and lockers are essential.

At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a range of elegant shower cubicles, easily adaptable to suit the needs of your office and staff. The Mylo shower cubicle, for example, is a full-height, floor-to-ceiling, laminate unit, with a customisable inward or outward-opening door. Minimalistic and elegant, the Mylo shower cubicle offers both maximum privacy and a feeling of luxury for employees wishing to wash before beginning their workday.

Any modern changing rooms require both seating and storage. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a variety of stylish and secure lockers and benching, perfect for any commercial changing facilities.

Our lockers come in a range of shapes and sizes, including the Oracle ‘Z-locker’, which is the ideal space-saving solution for those wanting to store spare clothes, cycling helmets and smaller items safely at work. For those wanting a more traditional look, the Omega lockers offer a robust storage option, designed to withstand heavy usage without sacrificing aesthetic. With digital combination locks, they are a smart and secure addition to any staff changing area. Our Opex benching is the perfect finishing touch to the staff changing facilities. Combining both comfort and durability, Opex benching is easily maintained and designed to withstand rigorous, daily usage.

To improve staff wellbeing and encourage participation in workplace wellness programmes, it is important that employees are offered the right facilities to do so. Incorporating changing rooms, storage and washing facilities into office design will help staff feel comfortable and confident when taking on new, challenging lifestyle changes and wellness initiatives. Providing the correct work environment allows wellness programmes to be ever-more effective in improving both individual employee lifestyle and their performance at work.

If you’re interested in booking a consultation and installing changing rooms in your office, contact us! We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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