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With it’s minimalistic, clean lines, this shower cubicle system gives opportunity for the same flush fronted elegance common in premium WC washrooms to be achieved in cyclist areas.

The use of Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) panels means Mylo is both fully waterproof and highly durable. The door and pilasters are made with 20mm thick SGL, allowing rebates to be added which enables the flush-fronted design.

  • Solid Grade Laminate panels

  • Full height system

  • Flexibility of cubicles sizes

  • Choice of inward or outward opening doors

  • Versatile system – can be installed in conjunction with solid dividing walls

  • Subtle 20mm floor/ceiling foot–fix system

  • 20mm thick doors and pilasters

  • 13mm thick divisions

CAD Drawings
Data Sheet
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