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Using Terrazzo in Washroom Design

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo has been around since the fifteenth century. It was originally created as a means of reusing stone offcuts and is either poured in situ, or precast into blocks that can be cut to size.

Famous for its stunning speckled designs, Terrazzo is created from a plethora of eye-catching materials such as chips, marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell or other suitable materials. The final product uses a binding agent such as cement or epoxy matrix.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles California, with its coral pink stars and charcoal-coloured terrazzo background.

Interior design has witnessed a rise in Terrazzo features that are no longer limited to flooring. Washroom vanity units, kitchen countertops, walls, unique staircases, unusual items of furniture, reception desks, and fabrics have sprung to the fore, inspired by its striking effect.

Our stunning washroom project for that incorporated Terrazzo floors, vanities and walls; a striking design with contrast cubicles in a real wood veneer oak.

Versatile Design

One key benefit of Terrazzo is the endless designs that can be created. Whether opting for monochrome, modern or mosaic, finishes can be either minimalist or explosive in a vast array of natural and vibrant colours.

Coloured glass chips can be combined for added glamour, even clear glass adds a touch of sparkle. For an iridescent appearance, Mother of Pearl is a firm designer favourite.

For a completely unique touch, divider strips can be cleverly applied to separate patterns. With the option of using anything from 2-20 colours, complex patterns can be created for endless unique options to suit your existing design.

Eye catching investment

Aside from Terrazzo’s stunning range of aesthetics is its durability. If well cared for, it can last anywhere between 75 and 100 years. Unlike other materials, Terrazzo doesn’t chip away and is impervious to long-lasting damage.

Hygiene has never been more important than during the current era, so an easy-clean is a necessary investment for busy workspaces. One of the other main advantages of Terrazzo is the ease in which it can be cleaned. Maintenance required is minimal as it is both water and stain resistant, but cleaning is simple using a steam mop or nylon scrubbing brush.

Terrazzo is also cost effective. A stunning Mediterranean design effect can be created at a lower cost than natural stone, which makes it an extremely attractive design choice. Due to its versatility, it is also highly customisable which allows you to match to your existing décor.

Some of our most popular Terrazzo finishes

Stay sustainable – Trash to Treasure

Quite by accident, Terrazzo was the first green material of the twentieth century, due to its use of recycled material. Its utilisation of post-consumer glass such as food jars and wine bottles fit perfectly into an eco-friendly setup. Reclaimed shells have also become something of a trend with products that vary from Terrazzo vases to homewares.

It doesn’t end there! There are no limits to what can be integrated.

Additional recycled materials can include old television sets, lamps and general waste.

The use of recycled items has been pivotal in launching customised materials with a natural sensibility. Interior design has reached new heights with the popularity of wood and stone options, particularly in the eco-friendly climate that we currently occupy.

Biodegradable resin-based products are also becoming increasingly popular. Using environmentally safe Terrazzo Epoxy, or any polyurethane-based system instead of concrete also enables greater design flexibility and quicker application. These later additions are inert once catalysed, thus making them unable to contaminate the environment.

The ease of cleaning Terrazzo also assists with energy saving.

Choosing Terrazzo for your washroom project

The modern workplace requires an all-encompassing approach to design. Washrooms should incorporate style, sustainability and optimal hygiene.

Choose a finish that requires minimal clean, incorporates water saving technology and timeless design.

Stylish, classy, sustainable, cost effective and maintainable; it has to be Terrazzo.

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