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The Whitechapel Building

CLIENT: Derwent 

ARCHITECT: Fletcher Priest Architects



The eight-storey office building was acquired in December 2015 and sits on a one-acre site. Phase 1 of the refurbishment over 180,000 square foot of office space, and Phase 2 with over 80,000 square foot of space. At the heart of the scheme a light-filled atrium also known as a ‘living-room’. It is informally divided into social zones, each with a distinct atmosphere, allowing occupants of the building and the public to work, relax and socialise.


Maxwood Washrooms created a modern sleek washroom each unique part was made to measure and delivered to the site ready to be installed. Promoting wellness of the staff, cycling to work was encouraged and they ensured the facilities are there to support this. We installed one hundred and eighty-seven lockers and twenty showers which shows further evidence of The White Chapel Buildings' commitment to sustainability.



·    Mystiq cubicles in Laminate Terril

·    Maxwall WC duct panels in Laminate Folkestone

·    Xeista vanity top in Mosa Tile in White

·    Urinal Privacy Screen in Laminate Folkestone

·    Ironmongery in solid stainless steel

·    Prism Mirror Units

·    Oracle Z-Lockers with Bespoke Solid Wood Benching

·    Mylo Shower Cubicle in Solid Grade Laminate in Earl

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