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Commercial Washroom Trends For 2023

Washrooms are an extension of a business, beyond the requisite of sanitation and hygiene, the washroom should be an attractive, high-functioning, stress free and comfortable environment.

Ensure comfort and style with contemporary designs and upgraded facilities that meet discerning client and employee expectations.

Going into 2023, these are the commercial washroom standards you should expect to be seeing more of…

High specification finishes

Opting for high-specification finishes complements high end brands and demonstrates a duty of care towards users.

Wood veneer combines luxury and sustainability, and will continue to thrive as a popular option for toilet cubicles and washroom lockers. With the durability of real wood, it is also able to sustain heavy footfalls.

We’re also seeing a vast rise in PVD metal finishes, particularly for organisations that seek to incorporate a bit of luxury that remains hard wearing and durable.

Terrazzo is one that’s firmly on the up, with vanities looking exceptional in this highly customisable option. Originating in Italy 500 years ago and still trending today speaks volumes for its quality and beauty. Timelessly classy, terrazzo vanities offer both a durable and sustainable option for washrooms that are set to turn heads. Vanities look outstanding with Terrazzo finishes due to the vast design choices this material offers.

Touchless tech

Impeccable hygiene hit the spotlight with the Covid pandemic, so it’s of little surprise that touchless tech options are now firmly at the top of the agenda.

As the public awareness of touch points and cross-contamination soared over the last few years, easing user anxiety is a positive step forward in creating comfortable spaces.

Naturally, hand-washing and antibacterial options are a given for any washroom area, but you can go to even greater lengths in providing hygienic spaces with attractive and contemporary aesthetics that ensure users their health is a firm priority.

Removing touch points is easily achieved with touchless options that include automatic sensor taps, hand dryers, soap dispensers, locks, and automatic doors.


Likely to be on every trend list for the foreseeable, keeping a check on carbon footprint will continue to remain current until we all embrace an even greater level of sustainability.

While it’s easy to recognise the benefits of an electric car or recycling our waste products, it can be far less straightforward when planning a washroom refurb. A lot of the time, it’s down to a lack of understanding that make people choose the cheap and easy option. However, these choices will cost you in the long run as cheaper materials are generally short lived and end up in landfill.

It can be tricky to know what and whom to trust nowadays, particularly as a sustainably sourced product doesn’t automatically make it eco-friendly. We recommend forging strong corporate relationships with companies that strive for greater sustainability. In doing so, you can be sure that every purchase you make is carefully considered in protecting the environment.

At Maxwood, we have developed specific eco-friendly policies that outline each stage of the manufacturing process, from intelligent sourcing through to zero waste transportation. With us, you can always remain confident that we have the interests of the environment close to our hearts as we continue to provide uncompromised, high-quality products.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Changing facilities

As workplaces evolve to focus on the wellbeing of their employees, so do washroom designs that provide inclusive and diverse environments. In-house changing facilities that encourage workers to exercise before, during or after work are making waves in organisations across the globe.

Candidates even consider washroom facilities when applying for opportunities within an organisation. Those that fail to meet modern standards are likely to lose potential talent. It’s the perfect time to rethink your washroom space and incorporate a few activity-friendly facilities that demonstrate your wellbeing plight.

Shower facilities provide the ideal addition to any end-of-trip facility. Combine with durable and stylish lockers for safe storage, and benching for the ultimate in comfort and practicality.

Modern washrooms should epitomise wellbeing, functionality and aesthetics. With the objective of improving employee satisfaction and wellbeing, organisations are able to work at maximum efficiency. Understanding the requirements of your team in providing suitable amenities is now a minimum requirement and, in doing so, you will seamlessly elevate the appeal of your organisation as a place of work.

If you’d like to discuss your commercial washroom with Maxwood, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to share a few ideas.

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