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Choosing high specification materials, such as glass, metal, wood veneer and laminate within your commercial washroom design is the ideal way to create a look and feel for your space. Discover how our range of expert finishes can be used to elevate your washroom design. 

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Xeista Caustora_Terrazzo_Maxwood.jpg

Our range of luxury full height toilet cubicles will complement your washroom design and refurbishment. Discover how our glass, wood veneer, metal and laminate finishes can elegantly enhance your washroom design.

Our range of high-end, stylish, and secure lockers are expertly designed for commercial washroom and changing facilities. Explore how our stunning glass, metal, wood veneer and laminate locker finishes are ideal for any washroom or changing facility.

Our washroom Vanity Units provide a unique statement piece to any modern washroom design. Find out how you can create a stunning, functional vanity unit in a range of Solid Surface, Quartz, Terrazzo or Concrete finishes.

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