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Given the importance of preserving the environment and conserving the finite resources of our planet, we operate within a self-imposed set of policies that reflect this concern.

Moreover, we recognise the need for continual improvement in the face of changing environmental issues and are committed to the ongoing development of systems and procedures that deliver environmental protection by conserving resources and minimising pollution.

The following sections set out our specific policies in these five key areas:

  • Materials

  • VOCs & Eliminating Formaldehyde

  • Manufacturing

  • Waste Recycling

  • Accreditations

Our Sustainability Commitment 

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We recognise and respect the importance of the environment and the need to conserve the finite resources of our planet, and we operate to a self-imposed set of policies that reflect this concern.

We meet and, where possible, exceed the environmental standards set down by law, and consider all issues raised in further legislation.

Recognising the need for continual improvement in the face of changing environmental issues, we are committed to the ongoing development of systems and procedures that deliver environmental protection by conserving resources and minimising pollution.

The following sections set out our specific policies in these four key areas:

  • Materials

  • Eliminating formaldehyde

  • Manufacturing

  • Waste recycling

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When sourcing materials, we pay careful attention to suppliers’ environmental credentials:

We source paper-based laminate products from suppliers who obtain their paper from sustainable sources

We actively go looking for innovative, sustainable new materials and pass on our findings to designers for use in their projects.

We buy aluminium products from suppliers who use approximately 60% recycled aluminium

We source particle board, MDF, plywood, veneers and other timber-based raw materials from suppliers with FSC® certification.

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Eliminating Formaldehyde VOCs

Formaldehyde is traditionally added to particleboard and the glues used to bond laminate to it, both of which are common in washroom manufacture.

 Formaldehyde is a recognised carcinogen and a potent sensitiser (i.e. trigger of skin allergies). It causes headaches, chest pains and other symptoms, and is a contributory factor to acid rain.

Most manufactured articles containing formaldehyde will continue to emit harmful vapours over time.

We lead the way in eliminating formaldehyde from the process of washroom manufacture:

We use a polyurethane alternative to traditional formaldehyde-based glues

This prevents toxic volatile organic compound emissions, both from the glue itself and from the particleboard to which it is applied.

Polyurethane adhesives also deliver much better bonding performance than those using Formaldehyde.

This also increases the lifespan of the product,

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Our manufacturing operations and the materials we use are constantly monitored with the aim of minimising environmental impacts.

We use optimisation software to keep offcut wastage from laminated boards and solid grade laminate material to the absolute minimum.

We use polyurethane gluing for all laminating and bonding, to eliminate the risks of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions and formaldehyde

Our capital investment programme ensures that all equipment operates at optimum efficiency to control and reduce the environmental impact of our activities

We have installed silencers on our dust extraction equipment to maintain the ambient noise levels in the surrounding area

Waste Recycling

Our new automated warehouse facility ensures that even offcuts are considered when planning a project, allowing them to be re-used wherever possible and reducing waste

We aim to recycle waste materials as much as possible, particularly in the following areas:

We incinerate all wood-based waste in a computer-controlled biomass boiler, at a temperature that prevents harmful emissions.

This boiler is also used for heating and hot water, thus reducing energy consumption, 

We send all waste aluminium to be recycled and maintain ongoing staff training to ensure that all staff co-operate with the scheme

We break down all scrap chipboard and offcuts that cannot be re-used in an industrial wood chipper.

This allows larger pieces of wood-based waste to be incinerated and prevents them from being sent to landfill sites.

We shred all waste paper and bag it ready for recycling.

We aim to remove cardboard packaging used to cover products for transportation at the point of delivery and return it to our plant for reuse

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We understand the importance clients place on using suppliers with the right sustainability accreditations, so that schemes can actually demonstrate their environmental impact.

We are FSC Certified, under the W12 Indoor Furniture section

Formal certification for ISO 14001 is under consideration for later this year

Our ethical & sustainable practices contribute to WELL & BREAAM points

Due to the bespoke nature of our products, we are currently reviewing the feasibility of acquiring Environmental Product Declarations but we can source these for the raw materials we use.


Health & Safety

Our commitment to the highest standards of health and safety is demonstrated by never having had a major or catastrophic H&S incident in our 32-year history.

On site all H&S procedures are strictly followed, including toolbox talks, risk assessments for each activity and ‘near miss’ reporting.  All installers have regular H&S training and Maxwood-specific installation training.

Internally, we ensure all plant and equipment is maintained in optimum working order, with systems in place to ensure the safety of employees and others when in operation. In addition, all potentially harmful substances are handled, stored, and transported according to strict 3rd party guidelines.

Maxwood employees are expected to take reasonable care of their own health and safety – and that of others who may be affected by what they do, or don’t do, at work. We provide information, instruction, and third-party training to help them stay fully competent and up to date on tasks and equipment. Supervision is appropriate to employees’ experience, competence, and familiarity with the workplace, equipment, and tasks.

Safe means of access and egress are available within all areas, and the workplace and welfare facilities are maintained to provide a risk-free working environment.

We operate under a comprehensive set of health and safety procedures. These set out working methods used to ensure legal compliance and define staff responsibilities. Working practices and documentation are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain effective and compliant with the latest legislation.

This policy is fully supported by the partners at Maxwood, and all employees co-operate enthusiastically and fully in helping to implement and maintain it. We are a company where safety always comes first.

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The level of client satisfaction you achieve hinges directly on the excellence of our craftsmanship.  At Maxwood, your washrooms will be created with an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality standards, based on a tried and tested, in-house quality control system. The following checks are performed before, during, and after the manufacturing process:

  • Raw materials are selected for their quality before manufacture.

  • After each stage of manufacture is completed, the work-in-progress is checked to make sure it meets the quality standards needed to proceed further.

  • Detailed product checks are performed on the completed items before despatch.

  • Any quality issues are systematically flagged and reported to management, so that the root causes are consistently resolved.

Our manufacturing is carried out in a clean and well-maintained environment, in which temperature is controlled and humidity monitored to ensure optimum conditions.

Furthermore, the performance of our transport partners is tightly supervised to ensure quality standards are upheld right up to delivery, whilst installation is carried out only by carefully selected, trustworthy teams.

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