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Using technology to improve the washroom experience.

Making your washroom easy to use is a key element of how your employees will engage with office facilities. As one of the most used rooms in any building, creating the perfect user experience in the washroom is a must.

A study surveying over 2000 participants revealed that 64% of office workers believe that workplace washrooms affect overall job satisfaction. Offering high-quality washrooms in the workplace is a simple yet effective way to boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing. It is essential that hygiene, ease of access and personal comfort are considered when designing an office washroom. Technology is a fantastic way to improve and simplify awkward processes, whilst simultaneously enhancing hygiene with the addition of elements such as ‘zero-touch technology’ to deliver a comfortable and satisfying user experience.

One simple, yet effective, way to boost user washroom experience is to incorporate sensor activation technology within your design. Zero-touch technology has been shown to significantly improve hand hygiene in the office and greatly simplify the hand washing process. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a wide variety of washroom accessories to help improve your office washroom experience - installing sensor-activated taps is a great place to start.

Sensor Activated Taps

Sensor-activated taps, otherwise known as automatic taps, only run for a specified amount of time. This eliminates the risk of taps being left on for too long, reducing water wastage and accidental flooding. When compared to manual taps, Automatic taps are also less likely to need repairs or replacements, which will save a lot of money, and stress, in the long run.

As well as their financial and environmental benefits, automatic taps make the hand washing process simple, uncomplicated, and eminently more hygienic. The sensors reduce the number of regular touch points in shared bathrooms, meaning fewer germs and bacteria will be spread around the office.

Automatic soap dispensers are also a fantastic way to replace another unnecessary touchpoint from the washroom. For an easy washroom experience, without sacrificing cleanliness, sensor-activated technology is the way to go.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Taps aren’t the only washroom accessory that can benefit from a 21st century upgrade. With most employees gradually returning to work post-lockdown, hygiene is at the forefront of everybody’s minds and more frequent hand washing has thankfully become second nature to most people. With wet hands being significantly more likely to spread harmful germs and bacteria around the office, it’s important that staff washrooms have the best hand-drying facilities possible, helping employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

Automatic hand dryers offer a more luxurious alternative to commercial paper towel dispensers, making hand drying quick and easy. Touch-free hand dryers have been approved for use by the World Health Organisation and the British Government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a safe effective method of limiting the spread of contact diseases. Powerful and low maintenance, sensor-activated hand-drying facilities reduce the amount of waste usually generated by paper towels and dramatically simplify the hand drying process.

Smart toilets

The flush plate above the toilet is undoubtedly a hot spot for germs. Using a sensor-activated flush can take away yet another risky touchpoint from your office washroom, meaning employees can flush the toilet with a simple light gesture or wave of their hand. Not only will this reduce the chances of cross-contamination, but it can create an easier user experience for employees or visitors with mobility issues.

Installing touch-free technology like the products mentioned above is a fantastic way to create an accessible and improved washroom experience for all employees. Ensuring that you take advantage of the best available technology within your office washroom design will not only help you stand above your competition in regard to look and feel, it can also lead to improved hygiene levels and leave your employees feeling reassured and safe upon their return to the workplace, in turn improving their overall engagement and performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about how technology can improve your office washroom, contact us. We’re available via email at, or alternatively, give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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