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Attracting the best talent to your business: high quality washrooms attract high quality workers.

Choosing a functional and aesthetically pleasing washroom is more than simply ticking a few boxes.

A high-quality and well presented washroom promotes a healthy work environment, and will positively impact employee wellbeing and performance.

As well as being strategically important for your company’s branding and image, it will leave a positive impression on both staff and visitors by demonstrating that you are fully invested in their wellbeing.

There’s no easy solution to retaining staff. New opportunities, higher salaries and more flexible working arrangements all play their part in work satisfaction. Of course, retaining staff has a commercial benefit, recruitment and re-training is costly and time consuming, and also it doesn’t look great if you’re seen to have a constant turnover of staff. Not only does it impact upon existing employers, it affects your reputation and intake of new talent.

Most organisations are now aware that the offering of flexible working arrangements and employee wellbeing are key to a successful workforce. Comfortable working areas mixed with biophilia-rich, private and socialisation zones will all equate to a happy workforce.

Another key area that acts as a major contributory factor is the office washroom.

Have you stopped to consider the overall condition of your office washroom lately?