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Attracting the best talent to your business: high quality washrooms attract high quality workers.

Choosing a functional and aesthetically pleasing washroom is more than simply ticking a few boxes.

A high-quality and well presented washroom promotes a healthy work environment, and will positively impact employee wellbeing and performance.

As well as being strategically important for your company’s branding and image, it will leave a positive impression on both staff and visitors by demonstrating that you are fully invested in their wellbeing.

There’s no easy solution to retaining staff. New opportunities, higher salaries and more flexible working arrangements all play their part in work satisfaction. Of course, retaining staff has a commercial benefit, recruitment and re-training is costly and time consuming, and also it doesn’t look great if you’re seen to have a constant turnover of staff. Not only does it impact upon existing employers, it affects your reputation and intake of new talent.

Most organisations are now aware that the offering of flexible working arrangements and employee wellbeing are key to a successful workforce. Comfortable working areas mixed with biophilia-rich, private and socialisation zones will all equate to a happy workforce.

Another key area that acts as a major contributory factor is the office washroom.

Have you stopped to consider the overall condition of your office washroom lately?

It’s unlikely that you need reminding about unsavoury washrooms. We’ve all experienced them at some stage and they leave a poor impression – you certainly don’t feel inclined to revisit, particularly on a daily basis!

It isn’t hard to see how this can have an overall negative effect on a mood, thus impacting work standards and job satisfaction. Ultimately, a high-functioning, attractive washroom area makes people feel valued.

It goes without saying that a washroom needs to prioritise functionality. However, that doesn’t negate an attractive space; practical and aesthetically pleasing needn’t be mutually exclusive. The overall look and feel of a washroom will play a vital role in employee engagement and creating positive experiences.

Embracing colour can be an immediate pick-me up for any washroom. To learn more read our exclusive guide to using colour in washroom design here.

High specification finishes will also help create a particular look or feel for your space. Glass, metal, wood veneer and laminate provide expert finishes to elevate designs. Combine stunning finishes with high-functionality to get the most out of your washroom; concrete vanity units are not only uber-stylish, they also add tremendous durability and robustness to any design. Equally, terrazzo is jaw-droppingly eye-catching whilst boasting durability and sustainability.

Remaining up to date with current workplace needs is key to implementing intelligent design, and the modern washroom pushes boundaries to retain employees and attract new talent. While privacy and cleanliness sit firmly at the top of the agenda, all-in-one solutions such as superloos are more popular than ever. Hidden away in its own cubicle, the superloo offers a toilet, vanity unit and mirror, and is suitable for mixed genders. They provide a great solution for organisations that seek to maximise limited space.

One of the greatest transitions that workplaces are seeing in 2022 is the shift towards in-house changing facilities. Modern workers now choose to walk or cycle to work to incorporate activity into busy lives, in addition to reducing travel and parking costs. Organisations that offer suitable washroom facilities for active workers are already ahead of the game.

Shower cubicles are excellent for end-of-trip requirements, particularly with those with the addition of lockers and changing facilities. A number of stunning finishes can be coordinated to create stylish spaces that prepare workers for the day ahead. In fact, even a quick afternoon shower can significantly boost productivity levels!

Implementing showers and changing facilities actively encourages staff to look after their health and remain active; a great strategy for rewarding hard work and loyalty.

Learn more in our study into workplace showers.

If you want to attract high-quality, you need to provide high-quality. It’s really that simple.

It might be time for you to consider your current washroom area; its overall design, layout and condition. Please drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

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