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More London Project Wins for Maxwood Washrooms!

Updated: Feb 20


We proudly announce a series of recent London project successes, reinforcing our position as a leading provider of innovative washroom solutions.  


These significant projects demonstrate the confidence and trust that honoured institutions have placed in Maxwood Washrooms.

Olympia Central 


Olympia Central is an iconic venue in London that has hosted some of the world's most renowned events since 1886. 


The £1 billion regeneration of Olympia is set to become London's newest cultural landmark, offering a diverse range of attractions such as art, culture, education, entertainment, exhibitions, music, food, drink, and work. 


We feel immense pride in being a part of this regeneration! 


Hammersmith Town Hall 


Hammersmith Town Hall is a significant municipal building that has been a hub for civic activities in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  


The building was constructed in the early 20th century; the town hall blends architectural charm and historical importance. Over the years, it has served as a point of interest for community gatherings, public events, and local governance.  


Our design approach aims to seamlessly integrate contemporary aesthetics into this architectural gem, ensuring a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.  


As we collaborate with Hammersmith Town Hall, preserving its rich history while incorporating modern washroom solutions is a challenge we are excited to take on. 

Hammersmith Town Hall 
Hammersmith Town Hall 

10 Gresham St 


10 Gresham St is a commercial stand-alone building located in the heart of the City of London.  


It was designed by the great architectural firm Foster + Partners and is known for its modern and innovative architecture. This building reflects a commitment to excellence in the corporate landscape, and its strategic location situates it at the centre of financial activities, making it an attractive address for various professional services firms. 

Gensler collaborated with CBRE IM to revitalize 10 Gresham Street, turning the property into a pioneering example of sustainable and low-carbon refurbishment in the London market.


Collaborating with Gensler and Mace, we are elevating the washroom experience within this contemporary setting. 


10 Gresham St 
10 Gresham St 

BBC West One, Level 0 


Maxwood Washrooms is proud to have played a role in developing the behind-the-scenes areas at BBC West One, Level 0.  


As described by Byrne Bros, the BBC West One project involves the renovation of the Broadcasting House, the iconic headquarters of the BBC in London. This ambitious project includes the creation of modern and efficient spaces to support the broadcasting activities of this globally recognised organisation.  


As we collaborate on this distinguished project, our goal is to provide washroom solutions that align with the BBC's creative and technological standards. 


BBC West One, Level 0 
BBC West One, Level 0 

5 New St Square


Maxwood Washrooms is excited to announce its partnership with 5 New St Square, a modern commercial building in the heart of Midtown, London, as featured on  


This commercial building contributes to the vibrant business environment in the area. The contemporary and functional design of 5 New St. Sq. perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional washroom experiences. 


Our washroom solutions will enhance the overall experience for all occupants and visitors of this esteemed address. 

5 New St Square
5 New St Square

We’re very privileged to be able to fit-out the finest of washrooms in London's most prestigious spaces. These projects are a testament to our company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge washroom designs. 



Stay tuned for more updates as we bring these exciting projects to completion, and if you have any upcoming projects we could help you with, get in touch


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