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Lighting Up London With The Lucent Building

The new destination landmark behind Piccadilly Lights

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the capital, Lucent is one of London's most iconic landmarks.

In the heart of London's iconic Piccadilly Circus, Lucent, a trailblazer in cutting-edge digital advertising, sought a partner to elevate the user experience within its headquarters.

The challenge? To reimagine and transform the washroom spaces at the nerve center of Piccadilly Lights, ensuring that the commitment to innovation and excellence extended beyond the captivating digital displays.

With its vast green spaces and versatile work areas designed to foster a strong sense of community, Lucent beckons you to experience a harmonious blend of nature and modernity.

Read on to explore how Maxwood Washrooms, celebrated for our extraordinary washroom solutions, has distinctly influenced this remarkable development, elevating each visit to Lucent to an uplifting experience of comfort and serenity.

About Lucent

The stunning building is well placed behind London's world-famous Piccadilly Lights, boasting a cutting-edge LED display that rivals the visual impact of New York's Times Square, earning the distinction of being the most photographed building in the city. For film enthusiasts, Lucent might ring a bell as it played a role in the Luther film, further cementing its position in the cinematic world. Moreover, its proximity to Piccadilly Circus Underground Station ensures that the entirety of London is at your doorstep.

This architectural masterpiece comprises approximately 110,000 square feet of pristine office space, 30,000 square feet of dynamic retail spaces, and seven luxurious residential units. Boasting a total of 144,000 square feet, with a significant portion dedicated to offices, Lucent is already 77% let. It seamlessly marries best-in-class office spaces with new retail, hospitality, and residential areas, all nestled within the vibrant heart of the West End.

The architectural marvel that is Lucent was designed by the visionary architects at Fletcher Priest, while its construction was executed under the watchful eye of Wates. The scheme is expertly represented by Landsec, CBRE, and Cushman & Wakefield, making it a project that exemplifies excellence in every aspect.

Image: Landsec

The Project

Maxwood was proud to be involved in the remarkable project of creating the washrooms in the new Lucent building. Our meticulous work extended across multiple floors, including the basement, with lockers and showers installed on floors 3 to 6, providing a complete and functional washroom experience.

Overcoming a series of technical challenges on the bustling streets of Central London, Maxwood demonstrates an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. What was once an apparently unusable area has been ingeniously repurposed into a dynamic space featuring flexible workspaces, offices, shops, and apartments.

Throughout this ambitious mixed-use project, the Piccadilly Lights and the pre-existing Boots retail store continued to operate uninterrupted, showcasing Maxwood's ability to work in harmony with the evolving landscape of London's city centre. Managing a project in such a prime and bustling location required meticulous planning and efficiency. Maxwood's ability to execute work without disrupting the everyday life of one of the busiest streets in the UK underscores our dedication to delivering top-notch washroom solutions in even the most challenging urban environments.

Furthermore, the site posed a complex challenge due to the addition of three floors on top of the existing building.

This architectural endeavour introduced a significant technical hurdle, as it necessitated a meticulous understanding of the potential flex in the ceilings. Maxwood, ever attentive to detail, adeptly accommodated this structural intricacy into the design. Our foresight and technical expertise ensured that the washrooms not only met the highest standards of quality but also seamlessly integrated with the building's unique architectural transformation.

The Result

The design of these washrooms is a testament to the collaboration between Maxwood and the visionary architects behind the Lucent building. The end result is a harmonious blend of form and function. The washrooms exude an air of sophistication, with an all-white interior and elegantly contrasting grey troughs, which seamlessly align with the entire building concept. This alignment of design elements underscores Maxwood's commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the work complements the architectural vision of the space.

At Maxwood, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. For instance, the lockers are full height and thoughtfully designed to ensure they don't awkwardly sit atop benching, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing #storage solution. Additionally, the glass-fronted shower screens add a touch of modern elegance while providing privacy and functionality. Maxwood's work on the Lucent washrooms showcases our expertise in crafting high-quality, visually appealing, and functional washroom spaces that enhance the overall experience of this stunning new landmark.

Among the standout products fitted in these washrooms is the Maxwall Duct Panelling. This remarkable solution not only conceals unsightly services but also ensures quick and easy access for maintenance purposes. Maxwall offers a blend of simplicity, flexibility, and ease of installation, making it a top choice for architects, designers, and facility managers. With this system, you can bid farewell to the hassle of exposed services and welcome a sleek, tidy, and accessible washroom environment.

Another product enhancing the Lucent washrooms is the Prism Mirror Box System. This innovative blend of multifunctional design, concealed storage, and sleek styling serves as a perfect reflection of modern commercial washroom needs. The hinged mirrored panels maximise wall space and offer convenient storage for essentials like paper towels and soap dispensers. With gas strut hinges for effortless access and a minimalist mirror panel design, this system seamlessly complements contemporary washroom interiors.

For a touch of elegance, Maxwood's Maranté toilet cubicles were also provided. With fall-to-close hinges maintaining a flush surface appearance, the cubicles offer total privacy with their full-height design. What sets Maranté apart is its flexibility, allowing for made-to-measure cubicle sizing and providing soft-close door action with adjustable dampeners, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the washrooms in Lucent.

Maxwood has not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on this iconic destination. With an unwavering dedication to #excellence, Maxwood has elevated the washroom #experience in Lucent, making it an integral part of the overall harmony and sophistication of this remarkable building.

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