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Prestigious Projects and Innovative Product Choices

We are celebrating more new project wins, continuing to pave the way for elevated washroom experiences with sustainability at the forefront.

Maxwood Washrooms are proud to be a leading provider of cutting-edge washroom solutions and we are thrilled to announce our recent project wins, further solidifying our position as a frontrunner in the industry.

With our commitment to excellence in design and sustainability, Maxwood Washrooms have secured prestigious contracts for several high-profile locations.

"We are having a fantastic year, and these new project wins are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team.

It's rewarding to see the construction sector bouncing back from the challenges of the pandemic, and we are truly thankful to be a part of this revival.”

Robin McMullan, New Business Director at Maxwood Washrooms

6 Gracechurch St

At 6 Gracechurch St, Maxwood has been tasked with delivering a restroom transformation that complements the building's sophisticated architecture. The building has been transformed to provide striking newly refurbished office space, new reception and end-of-journey facilities designed by HUT Architects.

Among the products chosen for this impressive project are Maxwall Duct Panel Sets, Xeista Caustora Vanity Units, and Marante Veneer WC Cubicles. This combination strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing visitors with a memorable restroom experience.

Project Spires, Oxford

Project Spires is set to transform an uninspiring and redundant retail shed into an exciting new space for a laboratory and offices to support the life science market. The project, located in Oxford, demonstrates Maxwood's ability to meet tight deadlines while providing exceptional restroom solutions.

Eton House

Maxwood's work with Eton House features an array of cutting-edge products. Orla Lockers, HPL Maxwall Duct Panel Sets, Xeista Island Vanity, and Xeista Superloo Vanities combine to create a contemporary and functional restroom environment, befitting the prestigious location.

Maxwood's recent project wins continue to show our commitment to being trailblazers in the industry. We are proud to be pioneering the use of sustainable materials and carbon-neutral solutions, and setting new standards for restroom design and functionality.

We can't wait to see these projects develop and witness how high-quality washrooms elevate the spaces.

If you’re interested in taking your project to the next level, you can get in touch with our expert team today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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