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Delivering brand consistency through commercial washroom design

An exploration into commercial washroom colour, imagery, and finishes

With so much attention spent on other interior design elements within offices, restaurants and other high footfall premises, washroom design can often be a missed opportunity when it comes to communicating your brand.

Cleanliness is, and always has been, the top priority for any washroom design. However, this functional requirement can often be misinterpreted as a need for bland white, clinical design and finishes that can ultimately feel disjointed and disconnected from the rest of the building. Commercial washrooms can sometimes feel like they require a fairly functional approach to design, so the opportunity to create a unique on-brand experience can often be missed.

Brand consistency

Corporate washroom design can also demonstrate brand consistency and the attention to detail that reflects your business values.

If you were having a meal in an opulent, luxurious restaurant that wants to portray extravagance and attention to detail, walking into a traditional white walled washroom would undoubtedly be a deflating experience that could bring down the mood of your visit. Your washroom design has the same power over your visitors, employees, and customers.

Tying in with the bespoke materials, corporate colour palettes and innovative high-quality finishes from around the rest of the building helps to create brand consistency.

Let’s explore a couple of successful examples of how the use of colour and bespoke finishes can elevate a design beyond the ordinary.

Nusr-Et- A golden dining experience like no other!

Launched by Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe, also known as online sensation “Salt Bae”, Nusr-Et has taken the global dining stage by storm with its focus on opulence and brand experience.

The Nusr-Et experience is based around elegance, with their brand values asserting that “you will taste an exquisite menu”, “be overwhelmed with fantastic smells” and “everything you touch will be enchanting”.

It is therefore extremely important that these brand values are communicated throughout all areas of the restaurant, including the design of the ever-important washroom areas.

Opting for lavish gold PVD brushed Maranté cubicle and finished with brushed brass finish accessories, the luxurious experience within the restaurant carries though effortlessly into the washroom.

With full height total privacy, a flush surface finish and soft door closes, the Maranté was an ideal product range to deliver the elegant, chic style that the Nusr-Et brand embodies.

With complementary Maxwall Duct Panelling in matching gold finishes, sumptuous Dark Emperador Marble vanity troughs and illuminated Prism Mirror boxes, the experience within the Nusr-Et washroom is almost as selfie-worthy as the dishes themselves.

Royal College of Pathologists- A washroom designed down to microscopic detail!

Designing washrooms that create memories, spark conversations, and deliver on your brand can be a challenging task. When your brand is a world-renowned academic institute that oversees the training of pathologists and scientists across 17 different specialties, including cellular pathology, haematology, clinical biochemistry and medical microbiology, the design takes on a microscopic level of detail that goes beyond the norm.

Flush-fronted, full-height Maranté WC cubicles in gloss white laminate offered a synergy with the medical, hygienic theme that flows throughout the entire building, while floating Xeista Cascade vanity troughs in Glacier White Corian, with integral basins, angled bin chutes and hinged, laminate under-panels offered a distinctive nod to the clinical environments that embody the experiences of the students and academics who use the washroom space.

The washroom experience was transformed with bespoke digitally printed Glass Maxwall WC duct panels units that used 20 vivid, full colour microscopic images,

Not only did the bold colours produce a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary washroom design, the distinctive imagery resonated with the client to create an experience that was unmistakably on brand.

“The use of bold colours, unique finishes and bespoke imagery is an ideal way to add a bit of personality or reflect corporate branding within your washroom design.

Finding the right balance between high-quality finishes, innovative materials and on-brand colour choices can significantly elevate a washroom design and make a huge difference to the experience of your users”

In summary, the use of bold colours, unique imagery and bespoke finishes can undoubtedly elevate your washroom design beyond the bland and into a new realm of innovative, aligned brand experience.

With an array of modern materials to choose from, including metal, glass, wood veneer and laminate, combined with an ability to specify bold colour finishes and incorporate brand imagery, your washroom design needn’t be an afterthought when it comes to delivering brand consistency and experience within your building.

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