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Using colour to boost your washroom design

With creative tech companies pushing the boundaries of office design with bright colour schemes, slides and game rooms, there is no doubt that many modern offices are now straying far from traditional workspace design. This new love for bold design choices doesn’t stop at desk areas and meeting rooms either - office washrooms are now an integral part of office design.

Washroom environments can add significant value to your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing. The design and decor of an office washroom can have a psychological impact on those who visit - specifically, in terms of colour. Different colours are intrinsically linked to different emotions - using specific colours in the washroom to portray emotions and messages is a powerful way of conveying brand identity and helping both staff and visitors feel comfortable at work.

Clever use of colour can refresh your office washroom design, without having to make any major structural changes. Colour can impact the overall feel of an office and drastically affect employee mood. For example, according to basic colour psychology, the colour green is usually associated with feelings of calm and, when employed in a workspace, can help visitors and staff alike feel more relaxed.

Yellow, however, is known for its mood-boosting qualities, giving an uplifting feel to the office. In general, warmer colours are renowned for evoking feelings of optimism and energy, and cooler colours are known to have soothing effects. These associations are rooted in psychological conditioning and cultural imprinting.

When choosing colours for your office washroom, it’s important to consider the impact of natural light. It’s no secret that natural light within an office setting can help improve employee mood and staff morale, but for buildings where there is limited natural light available, careful colour choice can mimic the same effects. Using a bright colour within your employee washrooms can help create an illusion of a lighter interior, giving staff the unconscious mood boost they need to go about their day.

A well-thought-out washroom can help improve employee engagement, employee performance and customer satisfaction. Colour can be used to reflect the business’ brand and motivate its staff - using brand colours can give the office a more cohesive interior design and act as inspiration for employees.

Additionally, customers and visitors may judge the office based on their washroom experience - your office washroom design needs to reflect what your business stands for. For more modern, youthful brands, for example, incorporating brighter colours and patterns can help convey your love for fun and current trends. For more traditional companies, from law firms to large corporate businesses, using more neutral tones may help you convey the professionalism and high standard of service your customers can expect. The design of an office washroom can reflect the atmosphere of the entire workplace.

At Maxwood Washrooms, we create high-quality, commercial washrooms, designed with your office’s needs and existing aesthetic in mind. We supply and install the washroom, including vanities, lockers, cubicles and shower areas.

We understand that the washroom is an intrinsic part of an office building’s design and we can cater to different tastes and styles. All of our products are available in a vast array of colours, materials and finishes - including glass, natural veneer and contemporary synthetics. We always allow our clients the opportunity to express their own creative flair and we will work with you to produce your perfect washroom environment.

At Maxwood Washrooms, we will help you create the ideal washroom design that both motivates your staff and welcomes your visitors. If you’re interested in refurbishing your office washrooms and want to book a consultation, contact us! We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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