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The shift to a 'touch free' working environment

In a world where cross-contamination has never been higher on the public radar, hand hygiene has now become a top priority for all sectors and businesses. Changes to workplace design and layout are essential to accommodate for new hygiene measures once national restrictions lift.

According to research by Kimberly-Clark Professional, a huge 80% of their 1097 participants felt that the washroom was one of the most important areas of the office to improve workplace hygiene levels post Lockdown. Further research from the World Health Organisation shows that 80% of infections are transmitted by touch. In light of the current pandemic, incorporating touch-free facilities in office washroom design and reducing traditional shared touch-points, including taps, soap dispensers and hand-dryers, can help employees feel safe upon their return to work and reduce the risk of spread of infection.

So, how is it possible to create the perfect touch-free washroom environment in the workplace?

Removing traditional shared touch-points from workplace bathrooms can help reduce the transmission of germs and infection. Maxwood bathrooms partner with Dolphin Solutions to offer a range of high-quality touch-free washroom accessories, fit to suit the needs of any busy working environment post-Covid.

From shower units, to taps, bins and hand-dryers, Dolphin accessories can help reduce cross-contamination and improve the overall hygiene levels in the office. Available in a range of materials and finishes, Dolphin accessories are designed with style and durability in mind, the perfect finishing touches to any workplace washroom.

Since you cannot wash your hands before turning on the sink, tap handles and soap dispensers are unfortunate hotspots for bacteria. Recent studies have shown that a regularly used tap handle in a shared bathroom can host up to 229,000 germs per square inch. Removing this touch-point from the office washroom, along with installing touch-free soap dispensers and hand-dryers will promote a feeling of safety and cleanliness in the office. Not only do touch-free taps bring health benefits, but they are also great for the environment. Manual taps will no longer be unintentionally left running, reducing the chances of water wastage.

Other areas to consider removing from shared office washrooms and replacing with touch-free alternatives are flush plates and handles. Another way to improve hand hygiene in the workplace is to, where possible, incorporate a ‘no door’ entry and exit to the bathroom, without sacrificing privacy. Where this isn’t possible, ensuring you have touch free soap and anti-bacterial gel dispensers, like the ones available in the Dolphin range, near doorways is essential. With research suggesting that 75% of workers believe that the cleanliness of the washroom reflects the hygiene levels of the whole office, it is vital that staff feel as though their washroom facilities are safe, sanitary, and cleaned regularly and to a high standard.

Utilising sensors and gesture-controlled facilities in the office washroom reduces the need for shared touch-points and will help assure staff that their health and hygiene is a top priority. For those feeling particularly anxious after almost a year of working from home, having new hygiene measures in place at work will help them settle back into day-to-day office life. Going touch free is the best way to keep both employees and visitors safe upon the return to work.

If you’re interested in booking a consultation and installing touch-free accessories in your office washroom, contact us! We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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