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Specifying Superloos – your guide to our exclusive CPD course

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic might be showing signs of a steady departure, but the anxiety continues for those that are returning to the office. Many organisations are implementing a more flexible, ‘hybrid’ approach to working, so your office space might require downsizing to maximise your current space. Employee wellbeing has also never been so essential, which creates a demand for you to choose an intelligent, human-centric design.

A recent study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Professional found that 75% of staff considered the condition of the washroom to be an overall reflection of the office as a whole.

Hygiene is now firmly placed at the top of the business agenda, so only organisations that win the confidence of their staff will thrive. Coronavirus has created a demand for more intelligent washroom designs; sensor-operated accessories replace hand towels, materials with anti-microbial and easy-clean qualities are implemented and hand sanitisers are now widely accessible.

As the most frequently visited area of your workspace, it is your corporate responsibility to provide a washroom that offers functionality, privacy, and luxury to your employees. Privacy and cleanliness have never been more important than in recent months, so it’s a good time to consider your options in delivering an effective user experience to reassure your workers that you are considering their health and wellbeing.

Unlike many standard washrooms, Maxwood Superloos offer a stylish, all-in-one solution that comprises a toilet, vanity unit, mirror, and cubicle door. With their inclusive layout, they are ideal for maximising interior space whilst catering to an ever-growing demand for privacy.

The Superloo concept has been shaped with trends such as hygiene, privacy, millennials, gender progression, rental value, and space-saving at its core.

Superloos provide the ideal antidote to shared washroom-related issues by reducing the number of touchpoints, aiding social distancing, and offer an intimacy to the environment that encourages users to leave the unit clean and tidy.

The washroom is evolving, and it’s in the interest of your organisation to move at the same pace.

Join the webinar

To learn more about Superloos, join our free webinar on the 7th July.

The webinar defines the Superloo, explains key trends and design considerations, and incorporates case studies, questions, and an open forum on post-pandemic washrooms.

You will gain understanding of key trends and how to apply them in the design process, learn specific design considerations fundamental to specifying Superloos, and obtain key insights into the post-pandemic evolution of the washroom.

If you’d like to take a step towards improving your washroom design and facilities and are interested in registering for our online CPD course, please get in touch and save your spot.

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