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Cycling to work: changing room considerations

A study by Transport Focus found 3 out of 10 workers don’t feel safe on public transport in the present circumstances. In the face of a pandemic, cycling is a safer alternative to taking the train or bus, as, as well as greater air circulation, your chances of coming into contact with others on your commute are significantly reduced.

For those feeling more health-conscious after so much time indoors, cycling also offers numerous health benefits. It’s a great way to lose body-weight and get more active, allowing riders to burn from 400-700 calories an hour.

Adapting your office to encourage staff to cycle to work shows a commitment to a healthy workplace and encourages employee well-being.

So, what does the modern office need to accommodate for employees opting to cycle to work?

The essentials: parking, storage, changing rooms and showers.

Staff choosing to cycle to work will need somewhere secure and convenient to store their bikes during their shift. Once inside the office, employees will need lockers to store their helmets and safety gear. You might also want to consider a bike repair station, for any unplanned emergencies. Most importantly, after a long and tiring bike ride, employees will need a place to wash and change into work attire. Getting ready for the day of work ahead needs to be comfortable for employees, as well as practical for the workplace.

The solution? Spacious changing rooms and the Mylo shower cubicle system.

According to research by the British Council for Offices, 16% of workers feel discouraged from cycling to work due to inadequate changing and washing facilities within their office. For employees wanting to switch up their commute, adequate changing facilities are a must. To accommodate for the rising number of workers choosing to cycle to work, offices will need several changing cubicles. Not only that, but research shows that workers are concerned with the quality, as well as the quantity, of the changing facilities. Offices need to design their amenities based on the expectation of the worker. Lockers, seating, towel racks, vanities and hand dryers are all small things that can make a big difference in a changing room.

At Maxwood, we can provide the spacious changing and washing facilities to keep up with the needs of your staff. We offer bespoke lockers, of all shapes and sizes, and Opex benching, to add that luxury finish to your office’s changing facilities.

Additionally, the Mylo shower cubicle system is ideal for staff who want to cycle to work and arrive at their desk, fresh and ready for the day ahead. With a luxurious and high-end finish, without sacrificing practicality, the cubicles are minimalistic, fully waterproof and highly durable, giving employees the privacy and space they need to get washed and re-dressed comfortably at work.

Every office is different - so the size and colour of the cubicles can be customised, and customers are offered a choice of inward or outward-facing doors. The Mylo shower cubicle system is designed to suit the design and needs of your office.

For employees wanting to cycle to work post-Covid, the Mylo shower cubicles provide them with the facilities they need to face their new commute with confidence.

If you’re interested in booking a consultation and installing Mylo shower cubicles and lockers in your office, contact us! We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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