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Bringing The Outside In: How Nature Can Inspire Washroom Design

Harnessing the power of nature in your washroom can transform what can often be a sterile and uninspiring environment and create an uplifting and positive atmosphere. In this blog post, we will discuss how nature can be used to inspire the washroom design in a work environment, how it can link to well-being, and practical ways to incorporate it into your space.

What is Design Inspired By Nature?

If you investigate design inspired by nature you will see the phrase ‘Biophilic design’ reoccurring. Biophilic design is a concept that seeks to bring the natural world into our built environment. It is based on the idea that humans are intrinsically connected to nature and that this connection has positive benefits for our mental and physical health.

By incorporating natural elements into a washroom environment in the workplace, we can improve employee productivity, reduce stress levels, and create a healthier and more pleasant workspace. Achieving this is not just about inserting a few potted plants but instead, thinking about how employees can interact with all forms of nature when using the washrooms.

This design concept sees nature as an important asset, not just decoration. Approaching washroom design with this mindset allows for an improved experience for the user within the space, creating a place t hat both looks and feels natural.

The Benefits of Incorporating Nature into Washroom Design

Introducing natural elements into washrooms has many benefits. A UK study found that workers who had exposure to nature in their jobs were 15% more productive than those who did not. This study highlights how greener washroom spaces have the potential to impact the workplace and allow employees to benefit from improved concentration levels.

It is important that a washroom in the workplace provides a safe and calm environment where employees can feel comfortable and restored. Replicating the restorative qualities of nature helps employees achieve a more positive frame of mind, therefore resulting in a happier, healthier team. Improved biophilic design has been proven to result in a 13% increase in well-being, showing that designing with natural elements is not to be underestimated for creating an effective washroom.

Research has also shown that the presence of plants in offices can lower stress and anxiety levels by up to 37%, along with decreasing tiredness by up to 38%. These factors can help reduce absenteeism and improve job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and better results. From these statistics, it’s clear to see that incorporating nature into the design of office washrooms can have some incredible benefits for employers and employees.

How To Bring The Outside In

We can now see that biophilia is an effective way to bring the natural world into the workplace and create a more productive and healthier environment, so how can you achieve it? Here are some ways to incorporate biophilic design into washrooms in your workplace:

Use Natural Materials: Incorporating natural materials into your washroom can make a huge difference in creating a biophilic space. Look for cubicles and fixtures made of natural woods, stone, bamboo, or other natural fibres. These materials evoke a connection with nature, bringing a sense of calmness and grounding. Maxwood’s carbon neutral Mivera bamboo cubicle range is a brilliant example of how natural materials can be used in the design of an effective washroom. As a renewable, super-material, Bamboo is not only the natural choice for sustainability, it’s also perfect for biophilic design. Available in several colours, the natural finish of this cubicle range allow a connection to be made between nature and the built environment.

Bring in Plants: Adding plants to your washroom is a great way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Not only do they look beautiful, but plants also help filter air pollutants and improve air quality. When selecting plants for your washroom, it’s important to choose wisely. The humid environment provides the unique opportunity to incorporate tropical plants that can help to create a spa-like feel for employees.

Use Natural Light: Allowing natural light to stream in through windows and skylights will help create a sense of connection with the outside world. Not only is natural light good for our health, but it can also make us feel more energized and productive. If your washroom lacks natural light, carefully consider your lighting fixtures to mimic soft natural light and avoid any harsh or fluorescent lighting.

Use Earthy Tones and Textures: Incorporating earthy colours and textures in the washroom can create a sense of harmony and relaxation. At Maxwood, we understand the impact that the right tones and textures can have when creating the ideal space for your needs. That is why we offer an extensive range of colours and finishes which you can sample for free to ensure you find the perfect match for your washroom. Try using neutral tones like blues and greens to evoke a calming atmosphere.

Incorporate Natural Essential Oils: Incorporating aromatherapy into your washroom's design is a great way to bring in the elements of nature. Extracted from natural sources like flowers, fruits and leaves, essential oils are believed to interact with the human nervous system through scent. There are numerous options, from diffusers to hand soaps, for adding aromatherapy to the finish of your washroom.

By incorporating some of these elements into your washroom, you can create a calming natural environment that is focused on connecting the user to the benefits of nature.

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