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A shareworthy post from Joel our Specification Manager, reminiscing his days as a #Designmanager

Why is it that the projects which give you the most sleepless nights always end up the closest to your heart?🤷🏾‍♂️ 45 Cannon Street was one such - simply because of the vanity units… There were positioned in front of the windows. They needed to be floating. And the fixing structure had to be invisible. Simple, right??😶

Our #solution involved gantry style brackets fixed into the screed - before the walls were built. The walls were then closed up around the vertical supports, leaving the horizontal framework free. Our Xeista quartz vanity tops and prism mirror units were then fixed to the gantries, creating an amazing floating design which was washed in light flooding through from behind.

It would have been impossible to achieve without our Autodesk Inventor 3D #drawing software and our project manager’s intense #collaboration with other trades to get the datums right.

Long live.


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