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Clapham Junction Station

  • CLIENT: Network Rail

  • ARCHITECT: Hawkins Brown

  • MAIN CONTRACTOR: Octavius Infrastructure

Clapham Junction Station, one of the busiest transport hubs in London, provides service for millions of commuters and travellers annually. Amidst the bustling platforms and bustling corridors, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic restroom experience is paramount.

The Challenge:

The existing restroom facilities at Clapham Junction Station were in need of a significant upgrade. Outdated fixtures, insufficient capacity, and maintenance issues were detracting from the overall passenger experience. Addressing these challenges while minimizing disruption to station operations posed a considerable challenge.

The Solution:

Working closely with station management and facilities teams, Maxwood Washrooms embarked on a comprehensive restroom upgrade project. The project encompassed the renovation and modernization of existing facilities, as well as the addition of new amenities to enhance the overall restroom experience.

The Results:

Commuters and travellers now enjoy modern, hygienic, and accessible restroom facilities that meet their needs and expectations. The project has contributed to enhancing the overall reputation of the station and has been well-received by passengers and stakeholders alike.


  • Marante HPL Cubicles: Doors in Arpa 0779 Rosa Shade & pilasters in Formica F1192 Porcelana, Matte58 with bespoke glass dividing walls

  • Maxwall Duct Panel Sets - Tile-Backer Board

  • Glass Urinal Privacy Screens

  • Glass Wall Panelling

  • Xeista Cask Vanities in Quiligotti L16831 Terrazzo

  • Prism Mirror Units

  • Wall Mirrors

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