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Sustainable Washroom Fit-Out: 127 Charing Cross Road

We are pleased to share that Maxwood Washrooms will be creating an elevated washroom experience at 127 Charing Cross Road.

As the first and only commercial washroom manufacturer in the UK with a Fully Carbon Neutral Range, securing this project exemplifies our commitment to not only excellence in design but also sustainability

127 Charing Cross Road

The project at 127 Charing Cross Road consists of a mixed-use commercial refurbishment which will include retail and leisure uses on the ground and lower ground levels and 6 floors of high-specification offices above. The site occupies a prime location close to Tottenham Court Road underground station.

Maxwood is proud to bring our commitment to sustainability to this project by integrating carbon-neutral solutions into the washroom fit-out. This project showcases our dedication to minimising environmental impact while still providing premium washroom experiences.

The carefully curated selection of products includes carbon-neutral options that allow the washrooms at 127 Charing Cross Road to align with environmentally responsible design.

The Maxwall Duct Panel Set boasts a carbon-neutral footprint, ensuring a sleek and durable finish in the space whilst remaining environmentally conscious.

To add a touch of modern elegance, the washrooms will feature Xeista Superloo Vanity Units, which offer optimal functionality and aesthetics without compromising sustainability. The Bespoke Radiused Prism Mirror Units, also carbon-neutral, will elevate the washroom ambiance, reflecting the exquisite design showcased throughout the building.

In line with our eco-conscious approach, Mystiq HPL WC Cubicles and Mylo SGL Cubicles are carefully chosen for their carbon-neutral credentials, providing comfort and privacy while contributing to an elevated and coherent feel in the space.

To create a bright and inviting atmosphere, Full-Height Wall Mirrors and carbon-neutral Prism Mirror Units will be installed, infusing the washrooms with natural light and a sense of spaciousness.

At Maxwood, we believe that sustainability and sophistication go hand in hand, and our emphasis on carbon-neutral solutions at 127 Charing Cross Road exemplifies this philosophy.


As we embark on this new venture, Maxwood remains dedicated to redefining washroom experiences through innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

127 Charing Cross Road is a brilliant example of how impressive washroom spaces can be created whilst still preserving our planet's well-being.

If you’re interested in a sustainable washroom solution for your project, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts.

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