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Celebrating the Colour of the Year 2024: Apricot Crush

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

WGSN and Coloro have unveiled Apricot Crush as their colour of the year for 2024, a restorative and energising hue striking a harmonious balance between yellow and red.

WGSN, globally recognised for its trend forecasting authority, is the go-to source for upcoming design trends with many industry eyes upon them.

The partnership between WGSN's trend forecasting prowess and Coloro's innovative colour insights ensures reliable colour forecasting for the year ahead.

WGSN describes this peachy shade as "restorative, refreshing, and energetic" in a blog post dedicated to the colour.

Their announcement of the 2024 colour emphasises the importance of cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset, highlighting the themes of care, connection, and community.

The Impact of Colour in Commercial Spaces

Colour is a fundamental aspect of interior design, capable of shaping our perceptions of the spaces we occupy. It can subtly affect our emotions and even create the illusion of a room being larger or smaller.

This can be a particularly important consideration when creating commercial washroom spaces that sit seamlessly within the rest of the building.

Colour Psychology states that “When it comes to communication, colour is unbeatable. Unconscious or otherwise, colour can evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of thinking.”

It’s clear that colour can be a powerful tool for curating the mood of your washroom and representing the values of your brand.

Yet, integrating colour into your design can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the room's intended use, its functional needs, and the desired atmosphere you want to create for its occupants.

How Can You Use Colour or In Your Washroom Design?

Although a washroom primarily serves a functional purpose, choosing the right aesthetics can elevate it to become an integral representation of your brand identity.

Our design experts can guide you in incorporating this warm and uplifting hue through various elements such as duct panelling, tiling, paint selections, accessories, and more.

For instance, duct panelling, like that featured here in our Rushworth Street project, provides an excellent opportunity to infuse the space with colour, adding warmth and personality to the environment.

Whatever the desired outcome of your space Maxwood have a vast range of colour options for you. Whether it’s warm tones like Apricot Crush or cool blues for an airy feel, you can explore our samples to find the right shade for you.

We stay ahead of the latest design trends but also have the expertise to help you harness these trends, to create a washroom that stands the test of time.

If you’re interested in integrating colour into your washroom design don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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