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Find out why Superloos are the ideal solution for post-pandemic washrooms!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Superloos: a super solution for hygienic washrooms

Superloos are a stylish alternative to traditional shared bathrooms. Superloos are compact, self-contained cubicles that maximise their limited interior space, providing users with a toilet, sink, bin, hand-drying facilities and vanity unit (including a mirror). Superloos are unisex - reducing the need for separate bathrooms for men and women, and most importantly, saving valuable floor space.

With a greater desire for privacy in the washroom, Superloos are the ideal space-saving replacement for the commercial bathroom layout in a post-Covid workspace.

With the latest four-step plan to ease lockdown in place, non-essential workers may be able to return to office spaces safely by early April. However, after nearly a whole year of working from home, moving back to everyday office life may be a difficult and nerve wracking transition for some employees.

After several national lockdowns, workers may be feeling particularly hyper-aware of germs and hygiene. According to the Office of National Statistics, over a third (37.4%) of adults in the UK reported that Coronavirus had affected their wellbeing and anxiety levels. It may take a while for more anxious employees to adjust to a new working routine and feel fully comfortable in a communal office setting again.

For Directors, making the office feel like a safe space again, after a year away, might feel like an intimidating task. How do you make the transition from remote working to office life, run as smoothly as possible? For those feeling particularly germaphobic, directors need to promote a feeling of safety and cleanliness at work, so employees can ease back into their everyday working routines.

The perfect solution? Superloos.

Revolutionising commercial washroom design, Superloos offer a more hygienic alternative to traditional bathrooms, allowing staff the privacy of their own separate cubicles as opposed to a shared washroom. Our Superloos have their own toilet, sink, Prism mirror unit, hand-dryer and bin, promoting a sense of cleanliness in staff washrooms and reducing germ transmission. Our Superloos can be customised to fit the needs and existing design of your office, the perfect all-in-one addition to your post-Covid workplace.

Superloos also promote inclusivity in the workplace; offering an alternative to traditional gendered bathrooms.

Is your office downsizing due to Covid?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the world will face a ‘new normal.’ Many businesses are considering how much office space they will need when employees begin gradually returning to work.

Some employers are considering allowing workers to continue working remotely, or at least for a few days of the working weeks. With recent research from YouGov revealing that 32% of UK office workers would prefer to work mostly from home and only 7% wishing for a full return to the office, some businesses may opt to reduce office size, to make way for this new, flexible style of working.

Another benefit of Superloos is that they are compact, able to fit into any sized office with ease. If you and your staff are returning to a smaller workplace, Superloos are a great way to maximise the available floor space. Without the need for separate gendered bathrooms, more room is available for any other office needs, giving your work environment a spacious, welcoming feel.

With Superloos, employees can return to the office nerve-free and reassured, knowing that office hygiene is a top priority. If you’re interested in booking a consultation and installing Superloos in your office, contact us!

We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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