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Accessorise your washroom - A guide to finishing touches

Designing the perfect office washroom may seem like a daunting task - a recent study, surveying over 2000 participants, revealed that 64% of office workers believe that workplace washrooms have a serious impact on overall job satisfaction. Designing and creating amazing washroom spaces is a great way to help employees feel happy and comfortable at work, then choosing to use a range of practical and stylish accessories as finishing touches can help elevate your design to the next level. So, what accessories are essential when designing your office washroom?

Starting with the washroom basics, taps, soap dispensers and hand-drying facilities are a must. However, there are many options that need to be considered when it comes to maximising your functionality and design.

Choosing to incorporate touch-free amenities into your office washroom will help boost both style and practicality. Sensor-activated taps and soap dispensers are a great way to reduce the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination within the workplace, creating a more hygienic work environment for all visitors and employees. Additionally, automatic taps run for a specified amount of time, reducing any chance of unnecessary water wastage or accidental flooding. Sensor-activated hot air hand-dryers are another important office washroom accessory - cutting the costs of replacing and disposing of paper towels whilst offering a more sleek, efficient way for employees to dry their hands.

Installing staff changing rooms, with functioning showers, seating and storage options is a simple, yet effective way to add an extra touch of luxury to the office. For those with more rigorous, physically demanding jobs, or those opting to cycle or walk to work, showers are an essential part of their wellness ritual.

Having washing facilities readily available in the office has regularly been shown to encourage staff to engage with corporate wellness programmes - including workplace exercise classes or more sustainable, ‘green’ commutes to work. Aswell as fulfilling a corporate social responsibility, boosting employee wellness participation has in turn has been proven to improve employee productivity, absence records and overall workplace satisfaction.

For ease of access, installing grab rails within shower cubicles may also be a helpful addition. Offering private changing rooms with lockers, to store clothes, personal items and belongings, will allow staff to change from work-out gear into work attire with ease, ready for the busy day ahead.

When considering office washroom and changing room design, vanity units and mirrors can act as a stylish statement piece that can emphasise the look and feel you’re aiming to achieve. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a range of vanity unit designs and bespoke prism mirrors, which can be customised in terms of size and shape to maximise wall space. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, vanity units offer the perfect opportunity to combine both style and functionality - adding a quintessential finishing touch to your office washroom design.

At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a range of washroom facilities, ideal for offices and workplaces, including toilet cubicles, showers, and vanities. We also partner with Dolphin Solutions to offer a variety of bathroom accessories, including taps, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and handrails that can be incorporated into our designs with ease. If you’re redesigning your workplace washroom and interested in booking a consultation, we’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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