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5 signs your office washroom needs an upgrade

The washroom is an integral part of any building be it commercial or domestic, yet more often than not, we encounter sub-standard appliances and poorly maintained décor. It makes no sense, really, especially with a few trips a day being a fundamental necessity for all humans. How many times have you noticed unpleasant washrooms and wondered why they have been overlooked?

A clean and well-presented washroom promotes a healthier work environment, and will further impact employee wellbeing and performance. As well as being important for your company’s branding and image, it will present a positive impression to both staff and visitors by demonstrating that you are fully invested in their wellbeing.

It goes without saying that a washroom needs to prioritise functionality. However, that doesn’t negate an attractive space; practical and aesthetically pleasing needn’t be mutually exclusive.

It might be time for you to consider your current washroom area; its overall design, layout and condition. Here are five signs that your office washroom design may need an overhaul:

Outdated colour schemes

Colour schemes and trends are a fluid phenomenon, so a design that looked modern several years ago may now be outdated. Pastel colours that were popular during the 80’s can look tired and shabby, white looks timeless and clean but can be quite an eye-strain. Modern washrooms are being replaced by darker wood grain patterns that create a more homely and less commercial feel. Additionally, they help to mask the impact of heavy traffic on washroom wear-and-tear. An intelligent design will include stimulating colour and will make the world of difference to the environment. Clever use of colour can create the illusion of a smaller or larger, brighter or dimmer area.

Sub-standard fixtures.

There is nothing more frustrating than a door that doesn’t lock properly. Cubicle locks, legs and hinges s