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Are you looking for the best commercial washroom solution in London?

Commercial Washrooms London

Maxwood Washrooms create high-quality, commercial washrooms that give premier office schemes a long-lasting touch of distinction. Focussed on delivering high quality London commercial washroom solutions, Maxwood Washrooms has an outstanding reputation as London’s premier commercial washroom specialist.

London City

What we do

Maxwood Washrooms provide all you need to design and install your ideal London commercial washroom. From initial contact to finalizing the design, manufacture, installation, and everything in between, Maxwood Washrooms deliver quality commercial washrooms to your exact specification and budget.

Why are Commercial Washroom refurbishments important?

The washroom area forms an intrinsic part of any building’s design signature.

Commercial London Washroom refurbishments are becoming more and more popular, with London employers becoming increasingly aware of the impact a quality commercial washroom can have on the experience of their employees. 

With workspaces becoming ever more important in attracting the best talent to your business in a highly competitive market, especially in London. 

A well designed and installed commercial washroom will be noticed by visitors and employees alike, supporting employee wellness and delivering a high-quality experience for anyone interacting with your office

MAXWOOD City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street IMG_5324.jpg

With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, commercial washrooms have come a long way in recent years and a well-designed, well-equipped facilities can now be one of the most valued additions to your office workspace. 

Drawing from a diverse cast of materials including warm, natural veneer, glass, ceramics and exciting, contemporary synthetics allows you to create the perfect commercial washroom.


Our aim is to provide a bespoke London commercial washroom solution.

We value working together with our customers to design and install ideal commercial washroom solutions across the UK. Our mission is to be the ultimate project partner, creating washroom experiences that go beyond the expected.

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