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Xeista Cask

Xeista Cask is the original vanity trough, encapsulating a beautifully simple trench profile.
Its clean lines will complement any washroom interior and the monolithic form is one of the most cost effective vanity top designs.

The availability of many under-panel configurations, as well a plethora of material finishes make this vanity unit the perfect foundation for a bold vanity design.

  • Outstanding range of materials including natural-stone, terrazzo, concrete, composite stones,Durat® & all Corian® equivalent solid surfaces.

  • Coved internal edges on solid surface tops to prevent limescale build-up

  • Made to measure - bespoke designs available

  • Option for floating top or under-panels/base units

  • Supported by structurally calculated mild steel brackets where necessary

  • Coordinated design to integrate with all tap,dispenser and bin types

CAD Drawings
Data Sheet
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