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Victoria Station


CLIENT: Network Rail
ARCHITECT: Landolt + Brown
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

Built in 1860, Victoria Station has a rich history and has since become London’s second busiest railway station. The building retains much of its original architecture, including the ornate roof above the overground terminal. The sprawling building has undergone various phases of modernisation over the past few decades to better accommodate the vast amount of tourists and commuters. London’s landmark stations are often known for their distinctive features, such as the shopping facilities at St. Pancras. Following this theme, Network Rail decided it was time to add to Victoria Station’s list of drawcards and completely transform ‘London’s busiest toilets’ as part of a multi-million pound renovation project.

The brief was to create a set of truly ‘world-class’ washrooms, based on research proving that overall customer satisfaction is directly correlated to satisfaction with the toilet facilities. Working in unison with transport network architects Landolt + Brown, Maxwood set to work creating some of Europe’s most stunning public transport washroom facilities.

With a completion timeframe of just twelve weeks, meticulous planning and flexibility was of the utmost importance. The Maxwood team would need to swiftly adapt to unforeseen challenges posed by Victorian building, and work efficiently alongside other trades within the construction space. The luxurious new design scheme features only the finest furniture and appliances, showcasing some of the best designs Britain has to offer. Maxwood’s design team worked closely with the architects, producing a series of elegant tailor-made features.



  • Flush-fronted,  “Maranté” WC cubicles wrapped in copper PVD stainless steel

  • Bespoke cubicle partitions, lined in etched glass

  • Back-lit glass panels above partitions

  • Etched glass WC duct panels

  • Bespoke island vanity base unit and steel support framework

  • Bespoke island vanity mirror units, with copper detailing and back-lit vision panels


“We were proud to deliver an exceptional finish for the new Victoria Station washrooms. The Maxwood team loves a challenge, and it was a privilege being able to create bespoke washrooms for the iconic London building – a scheme that would go on to win the ‘Loo of the Year Award’. Our team have been tremendous right the way through, and have truly delivered excellence on this prestigious project.”
Rolf McMullan, Director, Maxwood


Key challenges:

“The Victoria Station installation presented a fast-moving challenge for the Maxwood team, but we took it in our stride. We worked 24/7 with the architect and main contractor, overcoming issues and efficiently coordinating with other trades. Looking back, we can take a great amount of pride in the fact that we have successfully designed and installed a world-class installation that I hope will leave a positive and lasting impression for thousands of travellers that experience the new washrooms.”

Ben Norman, Project Manager, Maxwood


“For this project, the programme deadlines were phenomenally challenging. The age of the building also made it difficult to obtain any working dimensions prior to the rip-out of the previous facilities. In order to achieve consistency, our teams worked flexibly around the clock, dynamically adjusting processes weekly as site discoveries were made. We worked closely with the various contractors involved, agreeing details during the project’s ‘live’ time. The end result is absolutely stunning – an achievement that our team is truly proud of.”
Craig Greenway, Senior Design Manager, Maxwood

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