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  • Specifying Superloos – your guide to our exclusive CPD course

    The coronavirus pandemic might be showing signs of a steady departure, but the anxiety continues for those that are returning to the office. Many organisations are implementing a more flexible, ‘hybrid’ approach to working, so your office space might require downsizing to maximise your current space. Employee wellbeing has also never been so essential, which creates a demand for you to choose an intelligent, human-centric design. A recent study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Professional found that 75% of staff considered the condition of the washroom to be an overall reflection of the office as a whole. Hygiene is now firmly placed at the top of the business agenda, so only organisations that win the confidence of their staff will thrive. Coronavirus has created a demand for more intelligent washroom designs; sensor-operated accessories replace hand towels, materials with anti-microbial and easy-clean qualities are implemented and hand sanitisers are now widely accessible. As the most frequently visited area of your workspace, it is your corporate responsibility to provide a washroom that offers functionality, privacy, and luxury to your employees. Privacy and cleanliness have never been more important than in recent months, so it’s a good time to consider your options in delivering an effective user experience to reassure your workers that you are considering their health and wellbeing. Join our Superloos webinar on 7th July Unlike many standard washrooms, Maxwood Superloos offer a stylish, all-in-one solution that comprises a toilet, vanity unit, mirror, and cubicle door. With their inclusive layout, they are ideal for maximising interior space whilst catering to an ever-growing demand for privacy. The Superloo concept has been shaped with trends such as hygiene, privacy, millennials, gender progression, rental value, and space-saving at its core. Superloos provide the ideal antidote to shared washroom-related issues by reducing the number of touchpoints, aiding social distancing, and offer an intimacy to the environment that encourages users to leave the unit clean and tidy. Join our Superloos webinar on 7th July The washroom is evolving, and it’s in the interest of your organisation to move at the same pace. Join the webinar To learn more about Superloos, join our free webinar on the 7th July. The webinar defines the Superloo, explains key trends and design considerations, and incorporates case studies, questions, and an open forum on post-pandemic washrooms. You will gain understanding of key trends and how to apply them in the design process, learn specific design considerations fundamental to specifying Superloos, and obtain key insights into the post-pandemic evolution of the washroom. If you’d like to take a step towards improving your washroom design and facilities and are interested in registering for our online CPD course, please get in touch and save your spot.

  • Using technology to improve the washroom experience.

    Making your washroom easy to use is a key element of how your employees will engage with office facilities. As one of the most used rooms in any building, creating the perfect user experience in the washroom is a must. A study surveying over 2000 participants revealed that 64% of office workers believe that workplace washrooms affect overall job satisfaction. Offering high-quality washrooms in the workplace is a simple yet effective way to boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing. It is essential that hygiene, ease of access and personal comfort are considered when designing an office washroom. Technology is a fantastic way to improve and simplify awkward processes, whilst simultaneously enhancing hygiene with the addition of elements such as ‘zero-touch technology’ to deliver a comfortable and satisfying user experience. One simple, yet effective, way to boost user washroom experience is to incorporate sensor activation technology within your design. Zero-touch technology has been shown to significantly improve hand hygiene in the office and greatly simplify the hand washing process. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a wide variety of washroom accessories to help improve your office washroom experience - installing sensor-activated taps is a great place to start. Sensor Activated Taps Sensor-activated taps, otherwise known as automatic taps, only run for a specified amount of time. This eliminates the risk of taps being left on for too long, reducing water wastage and accidental flooding. When compared to manual taps, Automatic taps are also less likely to need repairs or replacements, which will save a lot of money, and stress, in the long run. As well as their financial and environmental benefits, automatic taps make the hand washing process simple, uncomplicated, and eminently more hygienic. The sensors reduce the number of regular touch points in shared bathrooms, meaning fewer germs and bacteria will be spread around the office. Automatic soap dispensers are also a fantastic way to replace another unnecessary touchpoint from the washroom. For an easy washroom experience, without sacrificing cleanliness, sensor-activated technology is the way to go. Automatic Hand Dryers Taps aren’t the only washroom accessory that can benefit from a 21st century upgrade. With most employees gradually returning to work post-lockdown, hygiene is at the forefront of everybody’s minds and more frequent hand washing has thankfully become second nature to most people. With wet hands being significantly more likely to spread harmful germs and bacteria around the office, it’s important that staff washrooms have the best hand-drying facilities possible, helping employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Automatic hand dryers offer a more luxurious alternative to commercial paper towel dispensers, making hand drying quick and easy. Touch-free hand dryers have been approved for use by the World Health Organisation and the British Government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a safe effective method of limiting the spread of contact diseases. Powerful and low maintenance, sensor-activated hand-drying facilities reduce the amount of waste usually generated by paper towels and dramatically simplify the hand drying process. Smart toilets The flush plate above the toilet is undoubtedly a hot spot for germs. Using a sensor-activated flush can take away yet another risky touchpoint from your office washroom, meaning employees can flush the toilet with a simple light gesture or wave of their hand. Not only will this reduce the chances of cross-contamination, but it can create an easier user experience for employees or visitors with mobility issues. Installing touch-free technology like the products mentioned above is a fantastic way to create an accessible and improved washroom experience for all employees. Ensuring that you take advantage of the best available technology within your office washroom design will not only help you stand above your competition in regard to look and feel, it can also lead to improved hygiene levels and leave your employees feeling reassured and safe upon their return to the workplace, in turn improving their overall engagement and performance. If you’re interested in learning more about how technology can improve your office washroom, contact us. We’re available via email at, or alternatively, give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

  • Striving for Sustainability - what we’re doing to minimise our impact on the environment

    Recently, climate change has become a huge concern for many. Alongside the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 brought a whole host of worrying global events, including, but not limited to: The gradual destruction of the Great Barrier Reef Arctic sea ice depleting to its second-lowest level since 1979 The Amazon rapidly approaching a ‘rainforest to a savanna’ tipping point The unusually intense Australian bushfires In light of these events, a new report by Garnier has revealed that 73% of consumers want to become more sustainable in 2021. Over half of the participants agreed that the events of 2020 were a ‘wake-up call’ to change their individual behaviours and protect the environment, in any way possible. At Maxwood Washrooms, we’re passionate about creating high-quality commercial washrooms that are not only practical and stylish but environmentally sustainable too. Recently, we’ve made conscious adjustments at every stage of the production process, to ensure that our washroom products are produced, transported, and installed with the needs of the environment in mind. Here’s how. Sustainability is usually defined as making the effort to avoid depleting natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance and protect the environment. At Maxwood Washrooms, we measure sustainability in several different ways, including: The lifespan of a product Whether its materials are recyclable The waste produced during the manufacture What the supplier does to give back to society How the finished product affects wellbeing When designing washrooms, we strive for longevity. We aim to create high-quality commercial bathrooms that withstand the test of time - without costing the earth. During the manufacturing process, we always aim to meet and, where possible, exceed the environmental standards set by the law. This starts with our choice of materials. Materials When sourcing materials, we pay close attention to suppliers’ environmental credentials. We only source wood veneers, particleboard, plywood, MDF, and other boards from suppliers with FSC accreditation within the BM Trada Certification scheme. FSC accreditation is awarded by The Forest Stewardship Council - an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. Similarly, our paper-based laminate products are only sourced from suppliers who obtain their paper from sustainable sources. We take the steps necessary to source our materials responsibly and protect and maintain high conservation value forests. Recycling Recycling is a great way to combat climate change - official statistics from the Bureau of International Recycling shows that recycling can save over 700 million tons in CO2 emissions every year. That’s why, when buying aluminium products, we only buy from suppliers who use 60% recycled aluminium. We aim to use products that can be reused and repurposed in the future. During the manufacturing process, we use optimisation software to keep waste to a minimum. When waste can’t be avoided, we recycle - for example, our staff are trained to send all waste aluminium to be recycled. We incinerate all wood-based waste in a computer-controlled biomass boiler, at a temperature that prevents harmful emissions. To reduce energy consumption and conserve finite fossil fuel resources, the same boiler is also used for heating and hot water. All waste paper is shredded and recycled. Upon delivery, the cardboard packaging used to cover products in transportation is removed and returned to our plant for reuse. Eliminating Formaldehyde Another way we are aiming to minimise our impact on the environment is by eliminating Formaldehyde from our manufacturing process. Formaldehyde is often used in the production of laminate and is associated with harmful vapours and acid rain. At Maxwood Washrooms, we opt to use a polyurethane alternative to formaldehyde-based glues, which offers a stronger bonding performance, without toxic emissions. This, in turn, improves the sustainability and lifespan of the product. Those are some of the ways we strive for sustainability within our business - if you’d like to learn more, contact us. We’re available via email at, or alternatively, give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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  • Washroom Inspiration Gallery | Maxwood Washrooms

    Browse… …an inspirational selection of commercial washrooms, showcasing a variety of designs which met project brief and exceeded expectations whilst bringing concepts into practical reality. Enjoy. 25 Cabot Square 22 Worple Road Devon House

  • Luxury Commercial Washrooms | Maxwood Washrooms | England

    Maxwood Washrooms Superior Commercial Washrooms View Our Work Maxwood Washrooms creates high-quality, commercial washrooms that give premier office schemes a long-lasting touch of distinction. We focus on innovative products and outstanding customer service, to supply & install the entire suite of washroom joinery including vanities, cubicles, lockers and shower areas. Get In Touch Toilet Cubicles Superloos Vanities Duct Panelling Lockers & Benching Shower Cubicles About Us Starting out as a cabinet making business in 1982 with huge attention to detail - this attention is still maintained but has evolved over years into high end commercial washrooms. Maxwood Washrooms has been built on quality on trusted quality and workmanship with customer care coming first. ​ ​ Discover More Our Services Maxwood Washrooms has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you. Experience washrooms that go beyond. As trusted experts, we know how important the early stage of each project is. This is where we make a real difference to a project’s outcome. From the outset, we bring a unique combination of skills, originality and creativity to inform our clients’ decision making to ensure that concepts are turned into reality. From inception to completion we are committed to superior standards that exceed your expectations, always. ​ This is what going beyond means. View our projects Bespoke Washrooms The washroom area forms an intrinsic part of any building’s design signature. Our product range takes design cues from a broad spectrum of genres, offering an unsurpassed opportunity for our clients to express their own design flair. Drawing from a diverse cast of materials including warm, natural veneer, glass, ceramics and exciting, contemporary synthetics allows individual refinement and evolution of style. Our products Specification Writing Service Helping architects to create your K32, N13 and N10 washroom specifications and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Specification Service

  • Luxury Toilet Cubicles | Maxwood Washrooms

    Toilet Cubicles Choose from a range of full height luxury toilet cubicles for your next washroom design Movana World First 8 Second Access Cubicle. ​ ​ World First 8 second Emergency Access Cubicle Door​. Inward opening for everyday, outward opening in an emergency. Find Out More > Maranté Washroom elegance with full-height cubicle styling. Adaptable and chic, Maranté is minimal washroom styling at its best. Find out more > Mystiq The minimalist washroom with the minimalist price. This range is designed for those who want the elegant in-line look but want to only pay the price of a standard cubicle system. ​ Find out more > Our range of luxury full height toilet cubicles will complement your washroom design and refurbishment. Choose from our Movana, Marante and Mystiq models. All available in a wide range of finishes and colours. Looking for Shower cubicles...

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