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  • Accessorise your washroom - A guide to finishing touches

    Designing the perfect office washroom may seem like a daunting task - a recent study, surveying over 2000 participants, revealed that 64% of office workers believe that workplace washrooms have a serious impact on overall job satisfaction. Designing and creating amazing washroom spaces is a great way to help employees feel happy and comfortable at work, then choosing to use a range of practical and stylish accessories as finishing touches can help elevate your design to the next level. So, what accessories are essential when designing your office washroom? Starting with the washroom basics, taps, soap dispensers and hand-drying facilities are a must. However, there are many options that need to be considered when it comes to maximising your functionality and design. Choosing to incorporate touch-free amenities into your office washroom will help boost both style and practicality. Sensor-activated taps and soap dispensers are a great way to reduce the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination within the workplace, creating a more hygienic work environment for all visitors and employees. Additionally, automatic taps run for a specified amount of time, reducing any chance of unnecessary water wastage or accidental flooding. Sensor-activated hot air hand-dryers are another important office washroom accessory - cutting the costs of replacing and disposing of paper towels whilst offering a more sleek, efficient way for employees to dry their hands. Installing staff changing rooms, with functioning showers, seating and storage options is a simple, yet effective way to add an extra touch of luxury to the office. For those with more rigorous, physically demanding jobs, or those opting to cycle or walk to work, showers are an essential part of their wellness ritual. Having washing facilities readily available in the office has regularly been shown to encourage staff to engage with corporate wellness programmes - including workplace exercise classes or more sustainable, ‘green’ commutes to work. Aswell as fulfilling a corporate social responsibility, boosting employee wellness participation has in turn has been proven to improve employee productivity, absence records and overall workplace satisfaction. For ease of access, installing grab rails within shower cubicles may also be a helpful addition. Offering private changing rooms with lockers, to store clothes, personal items and belongings, will allow staff to change from work-out gear into work attire with ease, ready for the busy day ahead. When considering office washroom and changing room design, vanity units and mirrors can act as a stylish statement piece that can emphasise the look and feel you’re aiming to achieve. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a range of vanity unit designs and bespoke prism mirrors, which can be customised in terms of size and shape to maximise wall space. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, vanity units offer the perfect opportunity to combine both style and functionality - adding a quintessential finishing touch to your office washroom design. At Maxwood Washrooms, we offer a range of washroom facilities, ideal for offices and workplaces, including toilet cubicles, showers, and vanities. We also partner with Dolphin Solutions to offer a variety of bathroom accessories, including taps, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and handrails that can be incorporated into our designs with ease. If you’re redesigning your workplace washroom and interested in booking a consultation, we’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

  • Putting User Experience First In Washroom Design

    User experience has a large part to play in the overall perception of a product or service. A well-thought-out user journey results in a comfortable and easy encounter that goes almost unnoticed. While an experience that is a struggle filled with lots of pain-points sticks in our memory for all the wrong reasons. The user experience of the washroom is no exception. In a commercial office environment, the washroom offers an opportunity to re-emphasise your high quality, luxury brand values to clients and employees. Luxury is found in well-crafted detail, and washrooms that don’t meet those expectations create a disconnect between your brand values (what you say you are) and your user experience (what you really are). As both a communal and private space, washrooms offer a challenge to designers. How do we create a space that is user-friendly, offering comfort and ease, while maintaining practicality and function? It’s all in the detail… Common useability challenges in office washrooms. We’ve identified several common challenges that threaten good user experience in the washroom environment: Fall to close doors Washroom doors that fall to close give a perfect flush fronted look and superior feel. But this creates a usability issue, as it is not easy or quick to identify vacant or engaged cubicles. Our Movana Cubicle addresses this problem, with an LED occupancy light on a fall to close full-height door. Making it clear to see which cubicles are available to use. Shape of the room When the entirety of the room is out of sight, it can be difficult to see if there are any vacant cubicles and a line can form quite quickly and unnecessarily. Great design takes the room shape into consideration to understand and assist the user journey throughout. Flushing controls Another common useability issue is hidden or difficult controls for flushing the toilet. Some sensors are too sensitive, and some may need a few hand waves to activate the sensor. Nielsen Norman Group explains, ‘If a user cannot easily flush the toilet, that design has indisputably failed.’ A flush that is simple and visible, on the duct panelling wall behind the toilet, can help eliminate this problem. Sound proofing User experience inside the washroom cubicle can be enhanced with sound deadening, floor to ceiling partition walls, for a more private and comfortable space. Toilet Roll Dispensers The washroom design needs to be carefully thought out even down to the accessories. Toilet paper dispensers often hamper user experience. Nielsen Norman Group explains: ‘Most toilet-paper rolls are large and heavy. Using it is like trying to tow a Volkswagen with a string of dental floss.” Getting this subtle detail right adds to the overall sense of luxury. Designing a washroom? Maxwood Washrooms can help you to ensure a great user experience. Through our luxury-focused design process we help architects create washrooms that offer great usability and reflect your brand values. To book a consultation, contact us: Email at Call at 020 3657 7615.

  • Using colour to boost your washroom design

    With creative tech companies pushing the boundaries of office design with bright colour schemes, slides and game rooms, there is no doubt that many modern offices are now straying far from traditional workspace design. This new love for bold design choices doesn’t stop at desk areas and meeting rooms either - office washrooms are now an integral part of office design. Washroom environments can add significant value to your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing. The design and decor of an office washroom can have a psychological impact on those who visit - specifically, in terms of colour. Different colours are intrinsically linked to different emotions - using specific colours in the washroom to portray emotions and messages is a powerful way of conveying brand identity and helping both staff and visitors feel comfortable at work. Clever use of colour can refresh your office washroom design, without having to make any major structural changes. Colour can impact the overall feel of an office and drastically affect employee mood. For example, according to basic colour psychology, the colour green is usually associated with feelings of calm and, when employed in a workspace, can help visitors and staff alike feel more relaxed. Yellow, however, is known for its mood-boosting qualities, giving an uplifting feel to the office. In general, warmer colours are renowned for evoking feelings of optimism and energy, and cooler colours are known to have soothing effects. These associations are rooted in psychological conditioning and cultural imprinting. When choosing colours for your office washroom, it’s important to consider the impact of natural light. It’s no secret that natural light within an office setting can help improve employee mood and staff morale, but for buildings where there is limited natural light available, careful colour choice can mimic the same effects. Using a bright colour within your employee washrooms can help create an illusion of a lighter interior, giving staff the unconscious mood boost they need to go about their day. A well-thought-out washroom can help improve employee engagement, employee performance and customer satisfaction. Colour can be used to reflect the business’ brand and motivate its staff - using brand colours can give the office a more cohesive interior design and act as inspiration for employees. Additionally, customers and visitors may judge the office based on their washroom experience - your office washroom design needs to reflect what your business stands for. For more modern, youthful brands, for example, incorporating brighter colours and patterns can help convey your love for fun and current trends. For more traditional companies, from law firms to large corporate businesses, using more neutral tones may help you convey the professionalism and high standard of service your customers can expect. The design of an office washroom can reflect the atmosphere of the entire workplace. At Maxwood Washrooms, we create high-quality, commercial washrooms, designed with your office’s needs and existing aesthetic in mind. We supply and install the washroom, including vanities, lockers, cubicles and shower areas. We understand that the washroom is an intrinsic part of an office building’s design and we can cater to different tastes and styles. All of our products are available in a vast array of colours, materials and finishes - including glass, natural veneer and contemporary synthetics. We always allow our clients the opportunity to express their own creative flair and we will work with you to produce your perfect washroom environment. At Maxwood Washrooms, we will help you create the ideal washroom design that both motivates your staff and welcomes your visitors. If you’re interested in refurbishing your office washrooms and want to book a consultation, contact us! We’re available via email at, or give us a call at 020 3657 7615.

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  • 3 Pancras Square | Maxwood Washrooms

    3 Pancras Square 3 Pancras Square CLIENT: Argent LLP ARCHITECT: BAM Design MAIN CONTRACTOR: BAM Construction CONTRACT VALUE (APPROX.): £0.8m SITE DURATION: 12 months Working to a concept created by BAM Design, Maxwood custom-designed and built the washrooms exclusively for the prestigious project. Styled around Maxwood’s high quality product range, from elegant flush-fronted Maranté toilet cubicles to Xeista Corian vanity units incorporating hand-basins with a luxurious bronze-effect finish and matt black taps. Maxwood’s comprehensive package also included complementary wall panelling with a neat shadow gap trim around the grey gloss panels for washroom lobbies. Laura Gilbert, Senior Interior Designer of BAM Design commented, “Maxwood’s bespoke production and installation is of the highest quality. The attention to detail, especially around the material transitions, has made our concept a stunning reality!” ​ PRODUCTS SCOPE: The full-height doors to the Maranté toilet cubicles at 3 Pancras Square are faced with a cream-coloured gloss laminate with black PVD hardware and are fitted with fall-to-close hinges. Vanity tops for the new washrooms were manufactured from Krion in a neutral shade, creating a dramatic contrast to the gold and black elements. Maxwood’s innovative Prism Mirror Box units complement the vanity area, combining sleek styling with convenient storage. Lift off mirror panels enable effortless access to washroom supplies such as paper towels and soap dispensers. Maxwood’s Maxwall Duct Panelling system made-to-measure ducting units in grey gloss. Contact Testimonials “Whilst this was a very demanding design programme for all parties, the finished washrooms look fantastic and the client is delighted. Maxwood’s use of concealed fixings, so no unsightly screws or brackets are on show, enhances the seamless finish.” BAM Construction South East, Design Manager, Tom Waterston ​ “Maxwood’s bespoke production and installation is of the highest quality. The attention to detail, especially around the material transitions, has made our concept a stunning reality!” Laura Gilbert, Senior Interior Designer of BAM Design Key challenges: “The architect’s excellent drawings and clear design intents helped us transform an inspirational concept into workable washroom designs that deliver both style and function.” Maxwood's Design Manager, Jason Owen.

  • The Whitechapel Building | Maxwood Washrooms

    The Whitechapel Building CLIENT: Derwent ARCHITECT: Fletcher Priest Architects MAIN CONTRACTOR: ISG SITE DURATION: 6 Months The eight-storey office building was acquired in December 2015 and sits on a one-acre site. Phase 1 of the refurbishment over 180,000 square foot of office space, and Phase 2 with over 80,000 square foot of space. At the heart of the scheme a light-filled atrium also known as a ‘living-room’. It is informally divided into social zones, each with a distinct atmosphere, allowing occupants of the building and the public to work, relax and socialise. Maxwood Washrooms created a modern sleek washroom each unique part was made to measure and delivered to the site ready to be installed. Promoting wellness of the staff, cycling to work was encouraged and they ensured the facilities are there to support this. We installed one hundred and eighty-seven lockers and twenty showers which shows further evidence of The White Chapel Buildings' commitment to sustainability. ​ ​ PRODUCTS SCOPE: ​ · Mystiq cubicles in Laminate Terril · Maxwall WC duct panels in Laminate Folkestone · Xeista vanity top in Mosa Tile in White · Urinal Privacy Screen in Laminate Folkestone · Ironmongery in solid stainless steel · Prism Mirror Units · Oracle Z-Lockers with Bespoke Solid Wood Benching · Mylo Shower Cubicle in Solid Grade Laminate in Earl ​ ​ Contact

  • Academy House | Maxwood Washrooms

    Academy House CLIENT: Morgan Capital Partners ARCHITECT: JRA MAIN CONTRACTOR: ISG SITE DURATION: 7 Months Academy House was refurbished to provide over 22,000 square foot of high-quality office space over three floors. The building has been extended and completely re-cladded to create a prominent new three storey retail unit with double-height frontage and with four office floors above. Maxwood created flush fronted floor-to-ceiling cubicles with a changing and shower area in the basement. ​ ​ PRODUCTS SCOPE: Marante cubicles in Laminate Matt White Maxwall WC duct panels in Laminate Matt Grey Xeista vanity top in Corian Glacier White Urinal Privacy Screen in White Ironmongery in solid stainless steel Prism Mirror Units Oracle Z-Lockers Bespoke Solid Wood with Cantilevered Benching Contact

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