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Washrooms for Co-Working spaces

In 2021, coworking spaces became something of a buzz-term that workers were to quickly become acquainted with. By 2022, co-working has aligned itself with the ‘new normal’ of the office workspace.

Coworking refers to the assembling of workers in a particular space to work either independently or collectively. Through a process of organisational cost-saving, it offers suitable office space as a viable alternative to conventional commercial workspaces. Coworking also enable greater working flexibility and collaboration which makes it highly attractive to the modern worker.

These exciting new spaces provide a great opportunity for creating upbeat and comfortable environments, to increase wellbeing and productivity amongst workers. Including the washrooms, which can be similarly enhanced to demonstrate an even greater level of care towards users.

In any coworking office; a place that will undoubtedly receive a high footfall, there really should be no compromise on washroom design. A stylish, well-designed and clean washroom can be a talking point. It can also improve productivity and improve worker happiness, as well as creating a lasting impression to both visitors and clients.

In a new era of inclusivity, a washroom requires a great deal of thought and planning to ensure that users are satisfied with their offering.

While gender neutral cubicles might not be right for every organisation, they are a consideration that must be factored into the washroom decision making process in this day and age. To deny a demographic can make or break a business.

Factors that contribute towards a good washroom include cleanliness, functionality, ample space and great design. Understandably, visitors want to be greeted by a comforting space.

Eye-catching vanity units

Washroom vanity units are often the first thing a user notices upon entry, consider a statement piece that’s designed to impress.

The Xeista Cascade offers an attractive signature sloping counter that enables used water to cascade into a rear drainage gulley. Made-to-measure, it can be tailored to fit and complement your existing space with a further option of creating individual hand wash spaces if required.

Xeista Cask is the original vanity trench and complements any commercial washroom style due to its high-end, luxury design. The Cask is not only a cost-effective option, it is also uber-modern and more hygienic than its traditional vanity counterparts.

Xesita Casutora is the ideal choice for a touch of luxury. With the classic lines of a traditional vanity counter, its inset basins allow for greater hygiene and a touch more privacy.

All vanities within the Xeista range provide numerous under-panel configurations including floating tops, and numerous material finishes such as natural stone, terrazzo, concrete and composite stones. They are also designed to integrate with all taps, dispensers and bin ranges.

When creating your coworking washroom, it is advisable to consider the overall usage when making your vanity choices. Floating vanities may look wonderful, for example, but are not well-equipped for a high footfall.

There are numerous additional ways of adding style to washrooms.

Colour schemes that highlight your brand, bright, daring wallpaper, or statement furniture are all strategic in catching the eye, and can strike an attractive balance as a backdrop for vanities.

Superloo solution

The Superloo is an all-in-one, compact solution for maximising space.

A Superloo is ideal for both compact and unisex washrooms and contains its own toilet, vanity unit, mirror and cubicle door. A greater sense of privacy would be hard to find, and its spacious and comfortable feel offers users a tremendous sense of ease. Excellent hygiene is second-nature for the Superloo, they’re super easy to clean with the added benefit of reducing germ transmission.

Encouraging wellbeing

Intelligent design can even move beyond aesthetics and act as a catalyst for promoting greater wellbeing amongst workers.

It might be that your aim is to motivate workers, and encourage higher levels of activity. If so, you may wish to include changing spaces that urge workers to take a pre/post work or lunchtime training session.

All changing facilities require lockers, and even personal storage spaces don’t have to compromise on style.

Wet environments can benefit from the Oracle-Z and Omega lockers. Both lockers provide ample space, robust design and premium aesthetics. They are available in 10mm or 12mm laminate and a Z-shaped door combination in any colour choice. Stainless steel door framing promises longevity for the inevitable ‘knocks’, and can be powder coated in a vast array of colours. Cam locks come as standard but there are further options for digital combination locks, RFID touchless locks, coin refund locks and swivel latches for use with users own padlock. For high footfalls and heavy use, we recommend the Omega locker for its vast durability.

For a dry solution that compromises nothing in style, security and sturdiness, the Orla locker is a wonderful choice. As the more affordable option, it is ideal for accommodating workers or visitors that wish to securely store their personal belongings using either mastered suite cam locks or locks for users own padlocks. Solid grade laminate doors enhance strength and appearance can vary depending on the user’s desired colour scheme and choice of configuration.

Help with your co-working washroom design

A washroom need not be overlooked in any co-working space. Intelligent design goes beyond functionality and practicality, it is inclusive of affordable, high-end aesthetics and inclusive, comfortable areas that provide users with a sense of pride for their workspace.

Our expert advisors at Maxwood would love to discuss your commercial co-working space, and provide you with some great ideas for an eye-catching washroom.

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