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How to combat hygiene anxiety in the washroom.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

70% of employees want new, hygienic hand washing and toilet facilities

After nearly a year of on and off lockdowns, research by Kimberly-Clark Professional shows 75% of people feel unsafe returning to work post-Covid, with some experiencing hygiene anxiety and expressing concerns about the cleanliness of their workplace.

After taking steps to reduce the spread of Covid, like wearing masks and regularly using hand sanitiser when touching things in public, a huge 80% of consumers report feeling more aware of hygiene practices when outside of the home.

For some, this hyperawareness of hygiene will continue, even after restrictions are lifted, and people begin to return to work. Employers must prepare to make the office feel like a safe space for their staff, where cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority.

Preparing your washroom for life after lockdown

Office washrooms are an integral part of reducing hygiene anxiety in employees. According to the research, 3 out of 4 people feel that there is a moderate to high risk of spreading germs in the office building.

When the participants were asked what they thought the most important factors were in promoting a feeling of safety in the workplace.

· 51% wanted to continue to wear masks when entering the office

· 70% wanted new, hygienic hand washing and toilet facilities

· 80% of the participants said the washroom was one of the most important areas of the office to improve hygiene levels.

· 75% believe the cleanliness of the washrooms reflected the hygiene levels of the entire office.

To help employees feeling particularly anxious about the return to work, prioritising the hygiene standards of the office washrooms is a must.

Design considerations for hygienic washrooms

The solution to combating hygiene anxiety within the office is to have high-quality, clean washrooms where staff can feel comfortable and safe.

Official government guidance advises the following design considerations for office washrooms post-Covid:

· Signs to encourage good handwashing technique

· The use of tissues when sneezing

· Increased cleaning for busier areas

· More bins and frequent rubbish collection

· The provision of hand drying facilities.

However, public health experts suggest that we need to go even further to reduce the spread of germs in the office - and rethink the design of our bathrooms all together. Some suggestions to better improve hygiene in office washrooms include installing sensor-activated taps and flushing, non-contact exits and self-cleaning toilets.

Superloos – a solution for hygiene anxiety

The Superloo cubicle might just be the answer modern offices are looking for, to help those experiencing hygiene anxiety feel comfortable at work.

Superloos are a more hygienic, stylish alternative to the traditional washroom. Superloos are full-height, unisex, one-person cubicles. As opposed to commercial shared washrooms, installing Superloos would mean employees would have little to no contact with other employees upon entrance or exit of the bathroom. In each cubicle, there is a toilet, sink, vanity unit and mirror, bin and hand drying facilities, promoting a sense of cleanliness in staff washrooms and reducing germ transmission in the office.

Superloos are a great way to reduce unnecessary human contact and encourage social distancing, for those worried about hygiene in the workplace post-Covid.

Small and compact, Superloos are easy to clean and are a great way to maximise the floor space available in your office, allowing more room for any necessary social distancing measures. Our Superloo cubicles are available in a range of materials and finishes (including laminate, PVD metal or natural wood veneer), all of which are easy to maintain and clean with soap, water and disinfectant, to ensure the highest standard of hygiene in the workplace.

Accessories to encourage good hygiene

We also partner with Dolphin Solutions to offer a range of bathroom accessories, including soap dispensers, touch-free taps, sensor-activated hot air dryers and bins.

These washroom accessories help improve office cleanliness and reduce the transmission of germs.

Improving office hygiene and controlling the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases is reliant on safe, clean washroom facilities. Having facilities that are in line with the recommendations of health professionals will help those experiencing health and hygiene anxiety return to work with confidence.

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