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The office washroom is one of the most visited, and universally used areas of the entire office. With that in mind, the design and creation of this busy space should be a top priority.

Materials are an undeniably important factor. Taking into account the absorption abilities of your desired material and offsetting it with the overall level of use will help you avoid issues and heavy repair costs further down the line.

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Our range of luxury full-height washroom cubicles are designed to suit both low and heavy- office use. Regardless of your design and requirements, you will always find something to suit your personal taste in terms of style and finish.

Features you should look for in durable washroom cubicles include sturdy but discreet fixing details, a wide range of colours, and easily interchangeable parts, in case of any future damage. At Maxwood Washrooms, we take pride in ticking all those boxes. Our cubicles remain functional and long-lasting, whilst easily retaining scope to incorporate bespoke detailing to fit the aesthetic of your chosen look and feel.

Our washroom cubicles are available in the following materials:

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 Glass finishes will add a touch of luxury to any washroom.

At Maxwood, we use toughened glass to ensure greater durability; certain to withstand the test of time and the inevitable occasional knock.

Super-easy to keep clean and low maintenance, our finishes can also be coloured to any RAL colour to match your requirements. 


We also offer various surface finishes such as the etched finish which is very matt, or the reeded finish which has a fluting pattern.

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Looking for a more industrial, ‘edgy’ feel? Or conversely, a little luxe colour pop?  Consider metal finishes - whatever your brand, they can be a huge design advantage. They are also highly versatile, surprisingly hardwearing, and easy to clean. Metal is super stylish and often used in trendy boutique hotels for a more ‘edgy’ look, or for luxury detailing to match taps and accessories. PVD metal also comes in a variety of different shades - meaning your washroom can be as unique as your brand.

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With its wide range of cool-to-warm shades and abundant textures, wood is a hard material to match. In fact, it remains one of the most desired materials of all time.

No matter your personal taste or brand style, wood remains a stylish, eco-friendly option. Whether your theme is luxurious-classic or urban-retro, you’ll always be inundated with suitable options to complement your decor.


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Due to its enhanced performance properties, it is resilient to scratching, abrasions, impact, and general surface wear. Solid grade (or compact) laminate is 100% waterproof and is virtually indestructible.

Available in numerous colours and finishes to suit any existing décor or design, including textured woodgrain effects which are getting more realistic by the minute.

GRAFTON ST W1S 7QP _HR58344.jpg


Though predominantly designed for security, lockers are now viewed as an ideal canvas to add a splash of style to your washroom or changing area design. Whether continuing your brand identity or opting for a hint of flamboyant colour within your washroom, your lockers and changing facilities offer the perfect opportunity to add some flare to your office washroom.

Available in wood veneer, metal carcass and laminate, choose from a selection of shades within our vast colour range. 


Wood Veneer

Wood veneer colour recommendations: From classy dark wood to textured neutrals, take a look at Fumed Oak and Ash. 


Metal Carcass

Metal Carcass colour recommendations: Flamboyance is key, with shades including Royal Blue, Yellow and Pumpkin.



Laminate colour recommendations: Incorporate texture with Spring White Speckle or opt for warmth with Mountain Pak or American Beech.


Vanity units enhance any washroom with practicality and aesthetics. Available in bespoke styles and materials to suit any budget, a well thought out vanity unit can miraculously elevate your existing décor. This is your opportunity to incorporate a spot of luxury into an often-ill-considered area within your office space. Our range of finishes are designed for durability, hygiene, and elegance.

MAXWOOD City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street IMG_5126.jpg
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A solid surface with a soft touch; Corian is ideal for vanity units due to its durability, seamlessness and infinite flexibility; it can be thermoformed into virtually any shape. Its streamlined design equates to an easy-clean, so high levels of hygiene can be employed and maintained. Free from dirt traps and mildew-resistant, it is also easily repairable in the event of any accidents. 

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For a hint of luxury, look no further than Quartz. Quartz is a type of technical stone where small amounts of resin are used to bind natural quartz particles together. The result is a hygienic, durable, waterproof finish that retains a luxurious natural stone feel and looks stunning in any washroom. The ultimate in elegance.

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Of Italian heritage, Terrazzo comprises of sustainable marble chippings bonded within concrete or resin for the ultimate earthy appearance. Sustainable, durable, hard-wearing, and customisable, Terrazzo is ideal for dazzling washroom users with elegance!

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The ultimate material for creating the well-known ‘industrial chic’ aesthetic, concrete vanity tops are timelessly stylish.  Provided they are well-sealed, concrete will last a long time under medium—to-high use but due to its weight, high-strength structural bracket supports are essential.

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