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Joel Owen


Joel has been interested in design from an early age, having spent many hours of his childhood sketching up architectural concepts.


Joining Maxwood in 2012, Joel has 8 years of experience in high-end office washrooms, during which time he worked briefly as a CAD technician before moving into design management, where he led Maxwood’s first £1m project in Trafalgar Square.

On a personal level, we know Joel to be an energetic and sociable aesthete who loves both sharing and gaining knowledge, as well as the opportunity to connect with new individuals – especially those who challenge the status quo.


Specifying Design-led Compliant Washrooms

Gain an understanding of the key regulations & why these have been put in place. Guidance how to incorporate best practise design-led solutions to meet all Part M guidelines.


Specifying Superloos

Key trends and how to apply them in the design process. Learn the specific design considerations fundamental to specifying superloos. Obtain some shared insights into how the covid-19 pandemic may reshape design trends in the future.


Specifying Sustainable Washrooms

Increase awareness of sustainable materials available for use in washrooms. Understand how to collaborate with potential suppliers to gain the right certification. Obtain some insights into the future of sustainability with suppliers.

Specifying Sustainable Washrooms

Wednesday 3rd November @ 13.00

Specifying Design-led Compliant Washrooms

Wednesday 1st December @ 13.00

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